4 Dirty Little Secrets About Vault

14 January 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Services & Support



Autodesk Vault is a product so much on the periphery of some software users’ attention, it’s almost a secret. It sounds like a place to put lots of money, so we’re somewhat curious. But since most us don’t HAVE a lot of money, it seems pointless. However, if we consider what a firm’s data is worth, suddenly we DO have a lot of money, and it’s tied up in project data. Your firm doesn’t have to be handling rocket science to possess what’s considered “valuable” data. Every project with human input invests money, and that’s the data Vault will protect.

Vault is used to securely organize, manage and track data more efficiently across teams. It can be used as an alternative to cloud storage or as a companion behind the firewall from which users can sync PDFs to the BIM 360 cloud.

Wanna hear a secret?

1.) Engineers, on average, waste about 15% of their time managing data. That number likely increases every year, because every year there’s more and more data to manage. Common sources of wasted time:

  • Browsing through various data repositories with limited search options;
  • Fixing broken links between assemblies and components resulting from copying, renaming or moving files;
  • Manually printing large batches of drawings one by one;
  • Maintaining spreadsheets of files consumed by top level and subassemblies.

Vault Pro saves time with automated tasks, BOMs, reporting, revisions, and deliverables. There’s also multi-site scalability.

2.) Some organizations have regulations that don’t allow their data [to be stored in the cloud. One example is Digital Prototyping – when stakeholders can visualize, simulate and optimize a virtual product before it’s built. The existence of sensitive digital prototypes, created to reduce the time to market, must be safeguarded.

3.) To keep data secure behind a firewall, access to it must be controlled, but designers and engineers still need the ability to quickly and easily find, reuse, revise, manage and track that data. Vault allows secure concurrent design and is customizable and flexible, with easy administration and configuration.

4.) Firms using multiple data management systems for tracking customers, projects and workflow can waste significant time entering data multiple times unless they have one system for data management and transmittals. Vault integrates with Microsoft Office products, [ERP, Revit and competitive products like SOLIDWORKS, Pro/ENGINEER  and Creo. There’s also multi-site scalability with Vault Pro.

Strengths Offered by Vault

IP Security:

  • Central location for all product data
  • Permissions for viewing and editing data
  • Backup and restore utilities
  • File check in and checkout

Engineering Productivity:

  • Simple and advanced search tools
  • Rename wizard
  • Copy design wizard
  • Batch plotting
  • View used and where used

If your firm wants to protect valuable project data, and the cloud is not within your list of options or preferences, check out the features of Vault, then contact Applied Software for a demo of Vault. Efficiently and securely organize, manage and track your firm’s data across teams. Perhaps you are invested in world-changing technology. Or maybe it’s enough that your projects change your world.

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