4 Remarkable Ways to Overcome Market Pressure on Your Factory

25 August 2023Digital Transformation, Manufacturingaccuracy, Autodesk Software, digital factory, efficiency, Product Design & Manufacturing, productivity, workflows



Ben is a manufacturer who needs to upgrade his company’s design capabilities. Facing market pressure with tight project deadlines and high-volume design workloads, he is looking to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Ben has been researching how to streamline his workflows and increase productivity. He’s especially interested in design automation, model validation and cleanup. He would also like to give his design department enhanced search and reporting capability.

Ben’s company has been using the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing (PDM) Collection, but he knows from conversations with other manufacturers that his output could be boosted with specialized tools that focus on his unique processes.

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One of the software products that keeps coming up in Ben’s conversations is GRAITEC  PowerPack for PDM Collection. Engineers and managers are telling Ben they have optimized their product and manufacturing design process with many useful specialized PowerPack features for product and manufacturing design. Well over 84 percent of users agree that PowerPack has helped improve efficiency.

Even better, these tools work together with Autodesk Inventor, Vault and Plant 3D.

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Ben is encouraged that engineers, designers and manufacturers are streamlining their workflows and seeing increased success. Following are 4 ways to overcome market pressure on your factory:

1.     Save time – You can reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, making work more efficient. Staff can work faster and more effectively with better workflows that come from design automation, model cleanup and isometrics.

2.     Save money – You can optimize productivity and complete projects faster and more efficiently with PowerPack features, saving labor costs. The PowerPack tools are unified and work together, so you also save money on software tools.

3.     Improve accuracy – More efficient workflows result in greater accuracy and fewer errors between design and data management. Engineers, designers and manufacturers can validate models and manage information all in one set of complementary tools.

4.     Work together – Using PowerPack enables you to cover all your needs with a comprehensive solution. You can deliver your manufacturing projects using tools tailored to your industry that are specially designed to work together. Your staff won’t have to struggle with workarounds.

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In addition to PowerPack for PDM Collection, there are individual PowerPack versions for Autodesk manufacturing and process plant tools. If you want to derive better workflows using a particular tool, the versions include:

PowerPack for Inventor

Enables efficient, high-quality results and optimized design processes. Gain efficiency and boost productivity through advanced modeling, improved documentation, custom parameter management, and geometry simplification.

PowerPack for Vault®

Speeds up everyday data management tasks with more control and extended automation. Faster workflows increase your productivity and give your users more control and automation when exporting files and assembly structures, watermarking and setting status change restrictions.

PowerPack for Plant 3D

Enhances accuracy and control with easier creation, management and sharing of designs and documentation. Your staff can increase efficiency when working with custom equipment and piping, exporting data and producing documents.


Whether it’s the individual PowerPack tools for Inventor, Vault or Plant 3D or PowerPack for PDM Collection, you can equip your staff with the tools they – and your company – need to succeed. In addition, you will have access to ongoing support and regular updates. All of the PowerPack products are backed by Graitec technical experts to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about PowerPack for PDM Collection, contact Graitec Group today and talk to an industry expert.


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