5 Best Features of Construction Management Software for Small Businesses

12 July 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation


5 Best Features of Construction Management Software for Small Businesses

If you’re operating a small business, one of the benefits is your ability to be agile. However, the downsides can be a limited budget and staff when you need to evaluate technology that will help you keep pace with the competition.

Once you decide the problem(s) you are trying to solve by adopting technology, you can evaluate prospective tools to determine whether they are easy to use and create a repeatable process. With a few guidelines, there are ways to narrow down your search. Following are the five best features of construction management software for small businesses:

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  1. Cloud-Based

Software solutions that are cloud-based will enable project teams to work from anywhere. When they are used as a central repository of project data, they can also ensure that everyone is working from the most up-to-date information. Communication and consistency are optimized when using a common data environment. Products in Autodesk Construction Cloud are built around the 3D model and provide a foundation for connecting all the teams throughout a project.

  1. Flexible

The best-case scenario for project management software solutions are those that enable your business to take advantage of future technology as it develops. This might include computational design, artificial intelligence, or many other advancements in construction tech. Autodesk Insight, for instance, uses Construction IQ artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate risk.

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  1. Integrated

Every business is different, so your project management solution might end up being a collection of products that meet your company’s specific needs. As you investigate solutions, you should set a goal of ensuring the products your company eventually implements will communicate with each other. The key is keeping your project information connected. For example, the tools in Autodesk Construction Cloud keep data in sync across multiple teams and eliminate the need to manually handle drawings and changes.

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  1. Mobile

The best project management solutions for mobile use are those specifically developed for mobile use. They are more intuitive and easier for teams to access and use. When workers are in the field, access to communications, forms and documents is critical. Autodesk Construction Cloud products include mobile-based tools for quality, reporting, safety, RFI management, and more.  

  1. Scalable

Project management software should be able to grow with your company. You may not need all the features your software tool is capable of today. But as your business develops or specializes, the additional features can help with standardization, data collection and connected workflows. Autodesk Build is an example of a software tool that is adaptable to small, medium-size and large construction companies.

With a construction management solution that is cloud-based, flexible, integrated, mobile, and scalable, you can make more informed and more intelligent decisions on a project that are based on correct data and insights. Those benefits added to agility can make being a small business even better.

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