The AEC industry is facing numerous challenges. In this modern architectural landscape, the need for enhanced collaboration using integrated, innovative and efficient tools has never been greater. There are many benefits architects can derive from enhanced collaboration, real-time insights and streamlined project delivery.

Following are five top benefits of enhanced collaboration.

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1.     Unified Workflows: Architects need a seamless, integrated experience from design to build, fostering better collaboration and efficiency.

2.     Real-Time Collaboration: Real-time collaboration among all project stakeholders ensures clear and concise communication, quick feedback and prompt decision making.

3.     Enhanced Insights: Data-driven decision making is enabled through analytics and insights that inform and assist with making the best decisions and maximizing a project’s outcomes.

4.     Streamlined Documentation: Optimum consistency and accuracy are made possible by centralized construction documentation that is accessible at any time from any location by any stakeholder with permissions.

5.     Secure and Reliable: Data security is critical for ensuring integrity, confidentiality and bolstering stakeholder trust in project information.

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When architects realize that building information modeling (BIM) is the direction the industry is moving, it is a natural next step to connect their realm of architecture with the world of construction. When that connection is made, everything the company does becomes unified. If you add to that the ideal BIM scenario of having one place for all teams to connect, then that enhanced collaboration can provide seamless communication across architectural, engineering and construction disciplines. Communication is key, and this type of enhanced collaboration is the best communication scenario most companies could envision.

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From RFIs and submittal workflows, schedules, engineer and owner reviews, correspondence, meetings, as well as viewing a variety of different file types that come from other project stakeholders, enhanced collaboration brings bankable benefits to a firm’s operations.

File sharing – the ability to view all file types in an organized way – can revamp project management processes. When a firm has a central way to deliver and track project drawings and deliverables, BIM models can be shared and edited in real time. Meeting agendas, minutes, schedules, and other key information are readily available to everyone involved in the project. When subcontractors and clients are more involved in a project from the beginning, management is strengthened, and projects flow better.

What forward-thinking architectural firms are looking for today are integrated, innovative and efficient workflows and streamlined project delivery involving enhanced collaboration. With it, they can bring together technology, workflows and construction documentation that empower them to envision, design and construct high-quality structures.

“Intuitive to use, user friendly, with built-in workflows” . . . That’s how architects describe the tools on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. ACC, and especially BIM Collaborate Pro, provide a pivotal, centric solution for your best project management workflows. Contact Graitec today and talk to an industry expert to learn more.  



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