5 Ways Autodesk Construction Cloud Reduces Owner Risk

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Owners can use Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) to plan, build, manage, and operate capital projects.

ACC enables full transparency in a construction project. Data is streamlined. Communications with the builder are organized and efficient.

Following are five ways owners can reduce risk when ACC is used on their projects:

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photo of two people standing side by side wearing jeans, short sleeved shirts and white hardhats pointing at an active construction site, rebar cages for concrete columns erected and crane lifting materials
  1. Meet contractual obligations – ACC enables unified project management by providing a centralized location for all necessary documentation. Permit requirements and regulations can be met and maintained. Well-organized project management – for instance version tracking – flows better and ensures quality standards are met.  
  2. Audit progress – ACC keeps stakeholders accountable by tracking responsibilities and progress. Field and design teams can coordinate their activities in a comprehensive approach to meeting owner expectations. With ACC tools, they can access the information they need at any time from any device. Owners can tangibly track the progress of a project, including resolution of issues during the project – not wait until the end.
  3. Reduce rework – ACC reduces confusion on the job by providing real-time visibility into every stage of the project. ACC tools help level the field of data availability and usability. Nearly all the information collected on a job goes unused, residing in what’s been referred to as “data silos.” When this happens, it can hinder discovery of issues and their resolution, resulting in costly rework. But with ACC in the cloud, teams can all work from the same relevant project drawings – in essence connected – reducing requests for information and miscommunication. The model continuously updates if/when plans change. ACC tools also enable employee safety planning and management. Mitigating safety risks reduces the likelihood of on-the-job injuries – an insurance concern.
  4. Personal involvement – ACC enables owners to have more personal interaction with and knowledge about the project, plus better relationships with other stakeholders. By staying in the loop, they can make faster decisions that affect project outcome. Fewer delays can lead to more predictable schedules.
  5. Seamless handover – From the beginning of design through construction, ACC captures asset data an owner needs for facilities management and operations. It increases the value of and puts to use the information collected. Insights from construction of the project can be offered, such as the history of punch list fixes. Other information that can be provided:
  • Data for an audit trail
  • Testing results
  • Warranty details
  • Asset information, pictures and serial numbers
  • Maintenance schedules

The operations team can receive a data-rich 3D model of the project, enabling them to operate immediately and efficiently upon turnover.

Whether you have a goal as an owner to meet contractual obligations, audit progress, reduce rework, be personally involved in a project, or provide a seamless handover, the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform can make your goals possible. From design collaboration to document management, quality management, and operations, owners can benefit while reducing risk when Autodesk Construction Cloud is used on their projects.

If you need a partner to help you navigate through Autodesk Construction Cloud, contact Applied Software today. The experts of Applied will help you investigate the solutions that are right for your company.



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