5 Ways Bluebeam Revu Optimizes Team Communication

15 July 2021All, BluebeamCollaboration, communication



The old adage “too many cooks spoil the broth” overlooks a key point:  If the cooks are all working together to create the broth, you can come out with some superb broth! 

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The key to good collaboration is effective communication.  Too much, and you have a lot of redundancy and wasted time.  Too little, and you miss opportunities for improvement or worse yet, you miss the window to prevent problems from developing.  Effective communication means you have the ability to access notes and comments from your team in a timely, organized system that lets you see what you need to know, from the people you need to hear from, when you need to find it.

Bluebeam Revu provides you the way to cut through the clutter of comments on a design to identify the input from your team relevant to your job in a fast and efficient manner.  Here are five ways Bluebeam Revu helps you optimize contributions:

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1. Centralize Collaboration

The notes and comments from all available partners are organized in one location.  There’s no need to jump between platforms or files to see a comment thread on a suggested change or a question.  Does someone provide a photo of an issue on a jobsite?  The photo can be embedded in their comment, doing away with the need to open another program to view it.

2. Track and Organize Contributions

Find out who’s been invited to comment on the designs and who’s responded to those invitations.  Easily add others using their email addresses.  Organize them in groups to quickly facilitate the right person getting the appropriate information.  And provide permissions to team members to ensure the right people have access to review or mark up specific aspects of the project. 

3. Filter Comments and Markups

 Do you need to see all the notes made on the hangers in one section of a building made over the last 72 hours?  Use the filter function to bring up the information for you.  Find the latest mark ups and updates by sorting the notes by date and time.  You’ll be able to find and track the information you need thanks to customizable searches you specify.

4. Share a Common Tool Chest

Save time by developing customizable tools that you use repeatedly, and share those tools with other members of your team so you all can use the same symbols and shortcuts.  Bluebeam Revu comes with ready-to-go tool sets for architects, HVAC, estimators and numerous others, but you can also add your own specific symbols to help you and your team easily add job-specific comments.

5. Leverage Bluebeam Studio

Gone are the days when architects, engineers and general contractors could only review plans or mark ups on paper or while at a desk in a construction trailer or office.  Today’s project management environment, people up and down the workflow are utilizing mobile technology like tablets and smartphones to access information.  By using the co-working functions available in Bluebeam Studio, every authorized team member can access the same files and see the same notes, regardless of where they are or what technology they’re utilizing. 

With Bluebeam Revu, you and your team can make the task of tracking and processing mark ups easier and more relevant to the people on the job, ensuring that needed information is readily available without wading through a continuing flow of comments and notes. 

To see how Bluebeam Revu helps your team successfully navigate through the stream of mark-ups, contact….



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