5 Ways Construction Projects Can Benefit from Visual Data

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Construction cameras have been used on construction sites for decades, particularly as a security measure to monitor activities during off-hours. So it has been a natural transition to expand the use of cameras for live streaming feeds and visual data and intelligence. Project owners, developers, general contractors, and other stakeholders are increasingly taking advantage of visual data technology to derive their own specific benefits during construction projects.

As Sensera Systems points out on its website, “It is not easy to put an exact dollar figure” on the value of using construction cameras. “However, it is clear that these value propositions are being increasingly recognized by leading construction teams across the country and the world.”

Cameras will capture what is happening in real-time on a project site and can portray conditions far better than a mere written description. With the innovations that are taking place in camera technology, that ability is more accessible, beneficial and important to your project’s success than ever. In addition, the cost of newer generation cameras has dropped to the point where they are an achievable investment for many companies.

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looking down on backdrop of earthwork on construction site, foreground white icons representing data connections
Connected construction data, image: Shutterstock

Following are five examples of the benefits construction cameras can offer:

  1. Progress: Project progress can be monitored – even on multiple sites – from an office or via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Many leading cameras perform multiple functions, from time-lapse to streaming to motion detection. So you can monitor deliveries, equipment use, subcontractor activity, and weather conditions, to name just a few.
  2. Truth: The status of progress can be communicated in real-time to all team members, providing a single version of true conditions. The demand for in-person onsite visits is reduced, saving time and expense. When the information is cloud connected, your project data can be archived and secured.
  3. Efficiency: You can mitigate risk and rework using documentation that represents actual conditions. The visibility you gain also helps your teams be more flexible in anticipating and adapting to changing conditions.
  4. Compliance: Your company can meet compliance standards for safety, as well as generating alerts using artificial intelligence.
  5. Promotion: You can market your company’s expertise and capabilities using construction photos and videos. This competitive edge can help you sell more work and build your market share. It also provides a means of full disclosure about project activities for building trusting relationships with existing customers and stakeholders.
360 degree construction camera in foreground, background active construction with cranes at work

There are camera options now that enable you to tailor usage to particular tasks. Camera companies provide consulting services so you can better take advantage of compact systems, high resolution images, live-streaming or static images, zoom-pan-tilt functions, local or remote memory storage, wireless access, and solar power.

As you chart your company’s future, keep in mind the ways construction camera technology can help you advance your projects and build your market share.

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