5 Ways PowerPack for Plant 3D Can Boost Profits

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5 Ways PowerPack for Plant 3D Can Boost Profits

Companies in the process plant design industry face challenges that include labor shortages, challenging deadlines, changing project scopes, costly design mistakes, and vastly increased need to collaborate and share data. Technology changes so fast that many struggle to fully understand and adapt to the new normal.

Designing process facilities, maintaining them and upgrading them with new technologies has always been a challenging set of tasks. Autodesk Plant 3D is widely regarded as a cost-effective solution that enables this work to be done faster, more collaboratively and more accurately. Enabling teams to better leverage the power of Plant 3D is a strong motivation for the Applied Software, Graitec Group plant and process experts.

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During a recent webinar, Plant 3D expert David Wolfe explained that Graitec has launched a tool that is creating more value in the plant design world by helping companies get more value from their current designs and workflows. That tool is PowerPack for Plant 3D, and it is now available in the U.S., with Canadian and European versions on the development schedule. With licensing models that include network, multi-standalone and standalone, PowerPack currently supports versions of Plant 3D up to 2024.

PowerPack enables users to accelerate their Plant 3D project delivery by helping to simplify workflows and improve data handling. In the Plant 3D workspace, PowerPack has numerous tools that boost productivity, and more are on the way in subsequent releases.

If you’re curious about boosting your process plant design profits, check out the free trial of PowerPack for Plant 3D.

Following are 5 Ways PowerPack for Plant 3D can boost your profits:

1.     Pipe Support Bill of Material

Users can create more accurate pipe support takeoffs based on as-modeled parameters. Creating a complete Excel export from one drawing or the entire project takes just a few easy clicks. This feature translates to time savings and increased profits by allowing fabrication-worthy pipe support data to be generated with ease.

2.     Bulk Copy To Project

Drawings can be transferred between projects in bulk. All project files can be copied with the folder structure, including isometrics, which were not previously properly functional after copying. The less time you spend transferring drawings, the more time you have for productive work on other tasks, which boosts profits.

3.     Synchronize Actuators

Actuators are vital components of every valve in a process design and are often overlooked during specification creation. PowerPack can synchronize valve actuators by processing all valves in a spec and updating the assigned operator to match the source catalog. Eliminating this potential error can save enormous amounts of design time and even more costly field replacement.

4.     Bulk Export To AutoCAD

Clients often require that plant design deliverables be basic AutoCAD compatible, requiring hours of work to individually export those files for each submittal. With both manual and scheduled conversion, this tool allows your team to focus on design rather than the tedious administrative task of file export.

5.     Reference Inventor Files

Conversion of Inventor, Solidworks and other history-based solid modelers has long been a tedious and frequently repeated workflow in plant design. Eliminate that hassle by directly referencing those files in their native formats to Plant 3D, shaving hours from your equipment-modeling timelines.

This is just a taste of the features available in PowerPack for Plant 3D. The development team is already hard at work on the next batch of time- and money-saving tools. Don’t let the value of your design team’s hard work in Plant 3D be minimized by tedious low-value tasks or less-than-accurate takeoffs. Let PowerPack for Plant 3D help you maximize the value of your Plant 3D design efforts.

Do your company a favor and take PowerPack for Plant 3D for a test run. Find out how to boost profits and stay relevant in this changing business climate.


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