5 Ways Wood Framing Software Saves You Money in Construction

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could save on the expenses of production time and resources in your residential construction projects without compromising on the quality your customers expect? An increasing number of companies have recognized that wood is one of the most sustainable building materials in use in construction today. Timber construction products require less energy to produce, and the use of sustainable reclaimed and mass timber/composite lumber products is on the rise.

The savings in production time and resources comes when you raise the bar on your processes to utilize wood framing software. With this technology, you can produce accurate framing for floors, walls and roofing in a fraction of the time.

Miscellaneous sizes of large and small logs stacked with cut side facing camera, plus one log with a green ecocycle graphic, mass timber

Following are 5 ways wood framing software saves you money in construction:

1.    Design

Wood framing software can speed up your design process, enabling you to automatically frame walls, floors, ceilings, and trusses. It can save you time by quickly creating detailed drawings and instructions for critical components like ceiling joists, rafters and fascia boards.

When you need to configure a complete floor framing structure, you can visualize the parts in your structure design software, from bridging and sill plates to floor joists, headers and rim joists. A product like StrucSoft MWF (metal wood framer) Pro Wood will even suggest the optimal member sizes based on loads, conditions and building codes.

When design and layout are repeatable, MWF Pro Wood provides an endless number of wall framing configurations. You can generate parts like the following with accompanying CNC outputs:

  • Sills
  • Headers
  • Nailers
  • Strapping
  • Studs
  • Blocking
  • Top and bottom plates

For greatest efficiency, whether you are working on platform, balloon, semi-balloon, post and beam, or another framing type, your framing design software should support them. Because professional grade software simulates real framing construction, you can add multiple layers to your wall framing models, including clapboards, sheathing and furring.

With MWF Pro Wood you can also generate reliable stair frames with precise stringers, treads and risers.

Save time by simplifying and automating the creation of wood models, generating CNC instructions and cut panels with professional grade wood framing design software such as MWF Pro Wood.

construction framer with hammer looking up at timber framing of house rafters, white sunlit clouds and light blue sky beyond

2.    BIM

To build more homes with greater accuracy, optimizing your building information modeling (BIM) and CAD solutions is key. Stay on schedule while improving efficiency and output by using framing software to visualize your entire process with intelligent, precise drawings and models. You can mitigate potential issues with troubleshooting and clash detection. Because MWF Pro Wood is built with Revit®, clashes through walls and studs can be detected, after which the software will automatically create openings and frame around them. Clashes can be recorded and managed. You can then compare models, spot trouble areas and create clash reports.

MWF Pro Wood automates the framing modeling process without human error, improving quality, trust and compliance.

3.    CNC

If your company uses computer numerical control (CNC) machines, you know their value in drastically reducing construction time. CNC machines perform the essential processes of cutting, lathing and milling without human error.

You can automate your building process with Revit-powered framing software like MWF Pro Wood, which will create CNC outputs for each wood framing element in your model for precise construction. The software integrates with machine manufacturers, including Hundegger, Weinmann, Randek, and other wood saws and CNC-controlled joinery machines, through the BTL file format.

4.    Schedules and Lists

Ensure accurate purchasing and billing with detailed and organized bills of materials generated by MWF Pro Wood. Special templates can also produce cutting lists for each component and provide the details needed for all required framing components. In addition, the files can be saved or exported to Excel for quick reference.

5.    Offsite

Framing software enables you to prefabricate structural elements and assemblies offsite. As described in a blog article by StrucSoft, MWF Pro Wood facilitates offsite and modular construction by streamlining the design to fabrication process of wood framing. The components can be fastened together by joinery work, pegs and nails, with specially cut lumber ends for easy interlocking between panels, similar to a puzzle.


These are just a few ways you can save on the expenses of production time and resources in your residential construction projects, while maintaining the quality your customers expect.

StrucSoft MWF Pro Wood is available for a free trial so you can try it on your next job. Contact us today to talk to a construction software specialist and learn more about MWF Pro Wood.



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