6 Add-On Tools you Need for Revit Productivity

21 January 2020All, Revitadd-in, productivity



Ours is a busy industry these days – with deadlines and delays and overtime and labor shortages. Your team is busy. You are beyond busy. And, when changes happen to your Revit model, the repetitive tasks that put the brakes on your day certainly don’t help matters. Wouldn’t you appreciate turning over the busy work of description revisions to a dependable little “model-robot?” Even better, what if, instead of slowing you down, it could actually enhance your productivity? If you can relate, then ASTI ToolsTM for Revit could be your dependable little model-robot – a quick and simple solution to saving time in your busy day.

Check out this video collection for quick demonstrations of:

  1. Change Case Tool – Modify the case of any Revit text note. Change to all upper or all lower case or capitalize every word; use proper case or sentence case. Certain text can be exempted from case changes, for instance “ft” or “mm.”  
  2. Door Parameters Tool – Update the “to-room” and “from-room” parameters for every door in the project. Schedules will accurately reflect the latest changes to door swing operations.
  3. Room Renumber Tool – Renumber rooms in the order you specify. Choose a number from which to begin incrementing and even add prefixes and suffixes to the numbers.
  4. Door Renumber Tool – Renumber doors by selection order, or better, you can renumber doors according to the room into which they swing, even when room numbers are not present. Door marks will indicate the room number plus an alpha or numerical appended suffix. Door Renumber Tool includes an option to omit the suffix for rooms with only one door. 
  5. Renumber General Tool – Renumber a variety of object categories by selection order.

In addition, here’s another tool that’s worth investigating. If you’re looking for a faster way to export data from Revit into Excel and import data from Excel into Revit, all while reducing the number of data errors, then you may want to check out . . .

  • BIM ConnectTM. One of the outstanding features of BIM Connect is that it allows you to collaborate with non-Revit users, expanding your collaboration options. BIM Connect can be used for:
  • architectural programming,
  • viewing and managing independent data,
  • editing by using powerful Excel tools,
  • managing BIM standards,
  • exchanging information,
  • promoting quality assurance,
  • driving construction data,
  • creating unplaced rooms and spaces in models,
  • integrating facilities management data,
  • engineering calculations tables.

For a deep dive into these Revit add-in tools, access the YouTube video of the webinar, “Revit Add-ins Explained” with Rabi Sidawi, AIA, Applied Software Senior Specialist.

Piddling little tasks like renumbering or door-swing changes can bring the wheels driving your day’s progress to a screeching halt – or at least a slow crawl. Sure, they are important, maybe even urgent, but they certainly are not the best use of your valuable time when there’s a tool available that can perform those tasks for you. Likewise, importing and exporting Excel spreadsheet data opens you up to errors that may cost you time to locate and fix – or you can let the ideal tool do it for you.

If you’re ready to sic your model-robot on those repetitive tasks and errors impacting your day, contact Applied Software today for a quick discovery call about ASTI Tools  and BIM Connect. The Revit productivity experts at Applied will show you how to cut down on data entry errors and make the most efficient use of your time when it comes to Revit model changes. These six popular Applied Software tools for Revit productivity will help you grease the wheels on your busy day.



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