6 Revit Workflow Pain Points Addressed by New Ideate Releases

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From improving data management to streamlining processes in Revit, AEC businesses strive every day to simplify routine tasks for increased efficiency. When you’re looking for tools and plugins to improve workflows, it’s a jungle out there. Then, above the fray, there’s Ideate Software.

Ideate Software can help you transcend your mundane workday, and there’s never been a better time to find out how. Enriching the overall user experience is the focus of recent updates to the Ideate Software, GRAITEC Group products line. Below we take a look at Revit workflow pain points and how Ideate addresses them.

If you have issues with the following pain points when working with Revit, the on-demand Ideate Software webinar “What’s New in Ideate Software for Revit 2025,” will demonstrate how you can improve your workflows, precision, efficiency, and productivity.

1. Element Selection

  • Speed up your work with swift selection of elements and accessing critical information. Easily locate, refine, and modify elements not easily accessible via the Revit Project Browser.
  • Streamline and clarify with additional properties for managing the text in Revit families; information for hosted and tagged elements and definitions that are specific to Revit families. (Ideate BIMLink)
  • Work in complex views easier and safer by selecting elements with a specified filter, even on the fly. (Ideate Explorer)

2. Data

  • Effortlessly review and manipulate large datasets.
  • Seamlessly integrate non-BIM data from Excel, Word or PDF files.
  • Develop better reports on linked data. (Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer)
  • Make more informed decisions with additional data available for host elements. (Ideate BIMLink)


  • Generate new views with less effort by selecting from various view types or templates. Batch create views and sheets across different disciplines, and now create views from scratch. (IdeateApps ViewCreator)
  • Get better visibility management and resolve visibility issues with built-in help topics. (IdeateApps XRay)
  • Work with easier-to-read content on high-res monitors through a better user interface. Plus, see additional information about selected elements displayed in the information pane. (Ideate Explorer)
Ideate Software, Revit, Revit workflow

4. 2D Annotation

  • Improve consistency by analyzing, removing or merging non-standard styles. (Ideate StyleManager)
  • Improve quality by aligning text within a text note; distributing text notes, tags and keynotes with customizable spacing.
  • Make your documentation cleanup easier by aligning generic annotation elements alongside text, tags and keynote elements. (IdeateApps Annotate)

5. Numbering

  • Save time renumbering sheets in sequence quickly; filter out unwanted Revit elements for renumbering. (IdeateApps ReNumber)
  • Streamline tasks by automatically incrementing sheets in order to insert a new sheet into a sequence. (IdeateApps SheetManager)

6. Ideate Automation Task Log

  • Get a handle on your tasks in progress with enhanced feedback and insights into incomplete tasks, including a detailed task log. (Ideate Automation)


When working in Revit – whether it’s the element selection, views, annotating, numbering, or data management – simplifying and automating tasks can make a world of difference. Ideate plugins and solutions help you streamline your processes for greater efficiency. You can transcend your mundane workday with Ideate Software.

Existing Ideate users can immediately access these enhancements and updates by downloading the latest versions from the Ideate Software, GRAITEC Group website.

To see how you can boost productivity and improve your workflows, check out the latest enhancements and features in this Ideate Software video.



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