6 Steps to Streamline Your Civil 3D Drainage Design Workflows

18 May 2023Autodesk Software, Civil 3D, Innovyzedrainage, hydraulics, InfoDrainage, water modeling, workflows



Whether you are a developer, site engineer or drainage designer, you can streamline your drainage design workflows in Civil 3D. Using the Autodesk Innovyze product InfoDrainage, you can quickly design and audit your drainage systems with confidence.

The Extended Property Sets feature of InfoDrainage enables you to reduce manual data entry when doing costing, construction drawings, clash detection, and additional infrastructure design.

This 13-minute Autodesk Innovyze VIDEO demonstrates the entire process, which includes a demo of these 6 steps to streamline your Civil 3D drainage design workflows:

1.     Take a pipe network created in Civil 3D and export it into InfoDrainage.

2.     Use InfoDrainage to perform a hydraulic analysis.

3.     Verify and/or update the drainage design.

4.     Import the InfoDrainage design back into Civil 3D.

5.     Update the Civil 3D pipe network with as much information as possible carried over from the InfoDrainage design.

6.     Utilize extended property data sets for drawing and labeling.

If elements of your design need to change, you can move between Civil 3D and InfoDrainage seamlessly, with minimal manual data entry and minimal data loss. The round trip process described in the video can be repeated multiple times.

Using InfoDrainage helps you minimize the need for manual data entry. It helps streamline your workflows for accurate drainage design iterations. In addition, you can keep your construction documents and hydraulic models synchronized.

Learn more about Innovyze in the free guide, “Ways to Improve Your Water Operations.”


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