6 Things You Need to Be Successful in Business

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Construction entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to have a heightened tolerance to risk, because their field of play is constantly changing. The change is being urged along by the rapid pace of technology and innovation. For a group of people who have always done things a certain way, as the construction industry tends to be, this can cause some heartburn.

During episode 205 of Bridging the Gap Podcast, guest Todd Herman offered practical advice about becoming a high achiever in the construction industry. Herman is creator of the award-winning leadership and skills development program “90 Day Year” and author of the WSJ bestselling book, “The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life.”

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While the following tips only hit the high points, Herman described the following 6 things you need to be successful in business:

1.     Grit – Perhaps more than any other business, the construction realm requires mental toughness. So, grit – more of an attitude than a skill set – is one of the top necessities. Grit means you are always going to find a way to get the job done. It’s a gift that people in the construction industry tend to have. Mental toughness, flexibility and adaptability are imperative for individuals and company-wide.

2.     Creativity – A company leader needs to be creative and ready to make tough decisions daily. Imagination plays an important part in personal and professional success. True success does not come from mimicking other businesses. That will simply trap a company into trying to mold its goals and culture to fit someone else’s idea of success.

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3.     Specialty – It’s critical to find a niche for the company and settle into it well. Since you cannot be all things to all people, you will need to decide what your company’s specialty is. Be aware of your unique skills, assets and resources. Decide what your market is and what kind of projects your business is tailored to win. Take inventory of the things that enable you to win. You will struggle if you try to do things someone else’s way, rather than what you’re best equipped for.

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4.     Time – We all begin each day with the same amount of time. Time is a resource that cannot be controlled, but you can control the quality of the activities that go into the time you have. When you organize your activities by the value they bring to the business, you will look at time differently going forward.

5.     Accountability – Because some people hide behind busy work (you may be one of them), everyone needs to be accountable for the effort they put into their time each day. As a business leader, you need to be accountable to yourself. In companies that practice accountability, there is a high level of trust and a low level of drama. Trust and planning are at the core of peak performance.

6.     Priorities – Setting priorities is a key part of planning. Try to accomplish more high-value work in your day and less low-value work. Consider the quality of your work and the value of your activities.


Todd Herman stressed that you do not have to wait for things to be ideal before you win. You can step out and win right now.

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