6 Ways Prodsmart Can Help Optimize Manufacturing Production

3 May 2023Data, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, ManufacturingCloud Services, data-centric, Maintenance, optimization, Prodsmart, production, waste reduction



Autodesk Prodsmart is breakthrough technology designed for manufacturing engineers and production managers. The Prodsmart platform provides an intuitive way to streamline manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Prodsmart offers manufacturers and fabricators, from small- to large-scale, the ability to manage every aspect of their production floor at a price that is appreciably lower than the industry average for MES. It enables efficient production management, as well as a system for production floor tracking.

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Following are 6 ways Prodsmart can help optimize manufacturing production:

1.     Visibility into costs – Using Prodsmart lets manufacturers understand their production line. It gives visibility into production costs in real time. From small to large, Prodsmart enables the business to develop an improved, more accurate quoting system. Because it is flexible and user-friendly, As described by one user in an Autodesk customer story video, Prodsmart helps companies tweak their systems to get the best out of them. Manufacturers can determine the real costs of their production, including a comparison to other products being manufactured. Understanding labor costs is especially valuable and crucial to any business.

2.     Paperless system – Prodsmart is cloud-based, so you can access it from any location and on any device. Using a mobile device, workers can report more data from the production floor using smartphones, tablets, sensors, and barcodes. They can clock into and out of jobs easily on their mobile device. The data they gather can then be transmitted live to the office, so production orders and equipment use can be tracked in real time. Manual calculations and multiple spreadsheets are not needed when using Prodsmart.

3.     Data-driven decisions – With features that help with data-driven decisions, Prodsmart can increase efficiency and reduce scrap rates and waste. It can be used to get insights into production flow, predict maintenance, identify where waste occurs, stay informed on employee performance, identify bottlenecks, and avoid missed production deadlines. With Prodsmart, you can track and manage materials, production schedules and inventory levels in real-time. It also enables quality checks on the shop floor, with trackable proof of those quality checks, as well as needed quality certifications. Health and safety checks are trackable as well. Custom dashboards and reports can be created to track key performance indicators and make informed decisions.


Prodsmart is available on a 14-day assisted trial. Contact Graitec Group today for details.

4.     Advanced features – Prodsmart offers advanced features like demand forecasting, capacity planning and supplier management. Prodsmart tools help optimize production and the supply chain, so you can be sure you have the right materials at the right time to meet customer demand.

5.     API for integrations – The Prodsmart application programming interface enables integration with other software and systems manufacturers use. This makes it easier to manage all aspects of the manufacturing production and supply chain.

6.     Scalability – Prodsmart software is able to grow with your manufacturing business. From small startups to large enterprises, Prodsmart meets current MES needs as well as those that emerge in the future.

Prodsmart lets manufacturers understand their production line. It helps them optimize manufacturing production on a small- to large-scale with streamlined MES so they can take control of every aspect of their manufacturing processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Prodsmart, contact Graitec Group today and talk to an industry expert.


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