7 Enhancements to 2D PDFs in Vault 2020

1 October 2019All



Autodesk® Vault allows users to manage engineering and design data, share that information securely, release and revise drawings efficiently, and control and track revisions.

Vault 2020 has options that enable design engineers to be more productive when handling and sharing documentation of designs. Of the improvements in Vault 2020, some of the most notable are the enhancements to handling PDFs, which many companies will benefit from when using PDFs of 2D design files for internal communication among departments.

Following are seven enhancements in Vault 2020 that will accelerate design documentation in 2D publishing:

1. Create PDFs at any lifecycle stage (referred to as state). Previously, users could only create a PDF at the “released” stage.

2. Synchronize PDFs with the drawings. PDF publishing options in Vault can be configured to set PDF synchronization. The new menu option, “Sync Lifecycle State and Revision as Source,” allows both the published PDF and its source file to have the same lifecycle state and a revision value.

image 3

3. Publish PDF files outside of Vault. The following graphic shows three options. Selecting the first disables the default of publishing PDF files locally. The second allows the user to store all PDF files in a single folder on the local computer. The third will store file copies in a folder structure identical to that used in Vault Client. With the two latter options, the user can browse to choose a shared network folder.  

image 2

4. The settings for PDF Options and PDF Publish Location have been combined. This adjustment to the Files tab in the Vault Settings dialog supports the enhancements.

The ten publishing options include: adding as an attachment, uploading to the source file location, uploading to a selected Vault path, synching the lifecycle stage and revision as a source, using page settings from a DWG, including model space, including layouts, including layer information, initializing layouts, and including font handling.

5. Manually create a PDF of a 2D CAD file using the Create PDF command – available in the toolbar, context menu and Actions menu. The command is used to create a PDF without going through lifecycle state change for a 2D file. The command is enabled in the Vault Settings dialog.

image 1

6. Identify whether a model has one or more associated drawings. The new property is called “Has Drawing” and allows users to search for and locate all models within a project which are missing drawing(s). Following up with that information, the user can ensure models are only released if an associated drawing exists by using a property check-in lifecycle transition. Finally, the user can filter within the Inventor Browser and identify the components without an associated drawing. This enhancement removes previous barriers when dealing with design documentation.

  • Handle AutoCAD drawings with PDF attachments more efficiently and attach PDF files from Vault directly. AutoCAD supports attaching PDF files of drawings as an underlay so the PDF can be associated with a given DWG. The new “Attach from Vault” dialog contains a PDF file option so users can attach Vaulted PDFs to AutoCAD DWGs. This is another enhancement that streamlines design documentation.

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