7 Essential Benefits You Should Look For in Construction Software

30 September 2022Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation


7 Essential Benefits You Should Look For in Construction Software

The options for construction software have gotten overwhelming. According to an Autodesk blog, analysts predict the number of construction technology tools will continue to proliferate for at least the next three years. To help you wade through the many offerings, following are 7 essential benefits you should look for in construction software.

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  1. Modern collaboration

In step with the newer work-from-anywhere model, look for cloud-based software with centralized data. This is a key requirement for modern collaboration. The broader benefits to you include streamlined workflows, better automation, greater accessibility and productivity, and better insights into projects. Cloud-based software gives teams the option to work collaboratively in real-time or offline, with offline work syncing seamlessly to the project as soon as you’re reconnected. Using cloud services provides secure data storage and digitized workflows. 

  1. Work from mobile devices

Whether you want to take your work with you and access it remotely, or your team in the field needs to access documents and collaborate in real-time, it’s important to have mobile capability with an application that was purpose-built for mobile use. When a solution is built for mobile devices, it has an intuitive user experience that will make the application easier for teams to adopt and use.

Mobile construction software; image: Autodesk Digital Builder
  1. Easy to use

As with mobile apps, your construction software needs to have an interface that makes sense so it’s easy to use. If it requires a lot of training, it will usually result in frustration for most users, which may cause them to use it less. Your software needs to make it easy to access important information, input data, provide updates, and exchange project information.

  1. Key information in a central place

For best results, choose a connected cloud environment. Avoid disconnected solutions that can result in data silos. Look for a comprehensive solution that connects all your processes with a single environment. The ideal cloud environment should bring all your key project data into a single source – a common data environment. This gives everyone from beginning to end access to the same project data.

Learn more about connecting your processes with a single environment in the free Applied Software eBook: “The Importance of a Common Data Environment.”

  1. Ability to use other specialty software

Since no single software tool can do everything, you’ll likely want to augment with other specialty software. Your solution needs to support a powerful integration system with useful ways to share data across all your company’s tools.

  1. Stay current

The best solutions will integrate with cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, as they continue to play a significant role in construction. This will provide you with data insights you can take action on.

  1. Reliable partner

It is essential to have a technology-savvy software provider as your partner. It will take more than software solutions to keep your company competitive. You need to get maximum value out of your project data. To accomplish that, you’ll need a provider invested in your long-term success, offering guidance, training and support whenever you need it.

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