7 Things You Can Do for a Competitive Business Advantage

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7 Things You Can Do for a Competitive Business Advantage

If you’re a smartphone user, you understand the concept of apps. By itself, the phone fills needs that most people have, but maybe you need more. When you download and install purpose-built apps, they can address your specific needs that a smartphone doesn’t perform out-of-the-box. The right app can expand the functionality of your device and improve its efficiency, effectiveness and performance.

A similar situation exists in the AEC industry with popular established products like Autodesk Revit®. Revit is a fantastic product that can do so much. It’s very mature in the industry. However, like most solutions, it performs even better when combined with purpose-built apps. The apps can extend the software’s capability so users can do more with their Revit software than it is able to do out-of-the-box.

If you’re interested in saving half the time you spend with the Autodesk software you use, contact Applied Software, Graitec Group today to learn more about PowerPacks.  

Following are 7 things you can do for a competitive business advantage:

  1. Fill a functionality gap.   
  2. Simplify complex processes. 
  3. Connect and manage external data sources.    
  4. Solve unique challenges. 
  5. Speed up or automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. 
  6. Perform advanced quality checks.    
  7. Do more in less time.   

When you want to become more efficient and more productive, solve a specific problem, automate a process, offer unique value on projects, or achieve complex processes like file and data sharing, apps are the way to go.

Apps  enhance the platform, whether it’s Revit or some other Autodesk bestseller. Software developers can utilize an open API to enable additional functionality for solving specific challenges. Apps can also be developed to accommodate localized, regional or industry requirements that cannot be managed within the native platform.

There are hundreds of different apps available that install on bestselling Autodesk products like Revit, Advance Steel, Inventor, and Vault. Sorting through the options and choosing the most useful apps can be a time-consuming job. The simplified alternative is to check out the collections of apps that already exist – where someone else has done the sorting and choosing based on widespread industry needs.

An example of collections is Graitec PowerPacks. These collections of apps perform very specific tasks, processes, workflows, or manage specific functionality. With 45,000 active seats worldwide, testimonials are plentiful about the challenges companies faced and the outcomes they achieved by addressing those challenges using PowerPack tools.

PowerPack tool collections have been developed for different industries, sectors, roles, and Autodesk platforms. They include hundreds of purpose-built productivity tools for the bestselling products Revit, Advance Steel, Inventor, and Vault. Each PowerPack has a well-balanced tool set aimed at very specific industry sectors and specific to the Autodesk product those tools enhance.

hand dirty with dark grease holding silver open-end wrench

If you want more effective project delivery, you can accomplish that by helping your design team heighten their capabilities and performance by enhancing software functionality, improving quality control, better utilizing data, automating repetitive tasks, simplifying processes, and providing a way to solve unique challenges. Your company can increase accuracy, operational efficiency and profitability by using a PowerPack collection.

PowerPack can be a key differentiator in faster, higher quality delivery of your projects using bestselling Autodesk software products – giving you a competitive business advantage.

When your reputation depends on delivering the best projects for your customers, download this free Applied Software, Graitec Group resource to learn how.



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