7 Ways You Can Benefit from Applied Software Changes

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When Applied Software announced its new Applied Software Advantage support offering in October 2021, you may have wondered how it might benefit your company. Then, in April 2022, Applied Software became part of the global Graitec Group. Both of these events bring potential benefits to you and your company.

Here’s why they matter.

Updated Support

Applied Software Advantage raises the bar for world-class support services in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing (AECM) technologies.

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Benefit 1: Distinct software tools for customers:

  • ASTI Tools for Revit – suite of utilities that extend the capabilities of Revit: resources for BIM management, QA/QC, Power BI, and six others.
  • ASTI Tools for AutoCAD – suite of nine practical tools to reduce your repetitive tasks and make your AutoCAD workflow faster and more efficient.  
  • ASTI Tools for Civil 3D – suite of eight plug-ins to streamline your work in Civil 3D, reducing repetitive tasks.

Benefit 2: Lightning-fast response time with telephone and email options.

Benefit 3: Assistance with software download, installation, activation, and answers to how-to questions.

Benefit 4: Autodesk customer portal assistance and Software Survival Kit.

Benefit 5: BIM cloud product site identification, hub activation and troubleshooting.

Applied Software Advantage gives customers world-class support and software tools that will make a difference in their productivity and day-to-day operations. The result is a prompt, ‘white glove’ support experience.

If you are interested in upgrading to Applied Software Advantage, contact Applied Software and see the Applied Software website for details.

Strength in Numbers

Graitec is a leading global BIM provider, software publisher and value-added reseller. Its services enable architectural, construction and manufacturing companies to create, simulate, fabricate, and manage all the data on their projects.

Benefit 6: Strong foundation.

When you partner with Applied Software, now part of the global Graitec family, you benefit from a solid, dependable foundation to complement Applied Software support and systems integrations for the AECM industries.

Benefit 7: Strength in numbers.

With 50 offices in thirteen countries and a network of partners and resellers in 24 more, Graitec experts help companies digitize their processes in 40 countries worldwide. In combining Autodesk solutions, Graitec technologies and professional services, the global Graitec Group – including Applied Software – provides value to over 100,000 customers worldwide. That strength benefits your company. Driven by robust technological innovation, Graitec is fast becoming the European BIM leader.

Why it Matters

As part of the Graitec Group, Applied Software retains the mission of transforming industries by empowering clients and championing innovation with real-world expert consultants. With a broad range of world-class solutions, services and training – and now the expanded offerings and expertise that Graitec brings – Applied Software is entering its 41st year of helping clients achieve a competitive advantage. For more information visit www.asti.com.

If you’d like more information about the opportunities developing from the changes at Applied Software and what those opportunities offer to your company, contact Applied Software today.

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