Advance Steel Tip: How to Create a 5/8″ Diameter Threaded Rod

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In Autodesk Advance Steel, there are two occurrences of 0’ 0 5/8” dia. One is for inches, and the other is for metric. You must change the units to the highest precision to use the correct unit. For this demonstration, Imperial will be used.

step 1 – Unit selection

1.      Open the Advance Steel Management Tools.

2.      Select the Units Selection category.

3.      From the Length tab, change the precision to 0’ 0 1/256”. Then select Apply in the lower right corner.

You will get a warning that the units have been modified, and all opened tabs will be closed.

4.      Select OK.

5.      Select the Shear stud category listed in the Management Tools.

6.      Select Nelson S3L-Inch, from the Shear Stud column. From the General tab, expand the Diameter flyout to view the correct diameter when customizing in Imperial.

step 2 – creating the model role

A model role must be created. For this demonstration, THREADED ROD will be used in upper case for a differentiator.

1.      Open the Object Property Editor.

2.      Select the Object Property Editor, then expand the Model roles tree.

3.      Select the Threaded hole sub-tree, then select New, which will clear the Name and the Group boxes.

4.      Input THREADED ROD as new Model role. Select the Group flyout, then scroll down and select All objects. If you choose Bolts & anchors, the model role will not be listed in the Shear Stud Properties, Naming panel->Model role.

5.      Select the Apply button at the bottom right corner to append the THREADED ROD to the list.

6.      Select the Home Category>Defaults, then Load Settings in Advance. NOTE: if you have created a custom Profile, it should be made current. Advance Steel out-of-the-box Default settings will be used for this demonstration.

step 3 – creating the 5/8″ dia threaded rod

1.      Open the Shear stud category if closed, or if it’s already open, select the tab.

2.      Select the Nelson S3L-Inch, right click, then choose Duplicate from the list.

3.      Hit the Apply button when done to append the THREADED ROD to the Shear stud column.

4.     Select the Diameter flyout and choose 0’ 0 5/8” from the list. The source will be cleared!

!  To avoid the INVALID SET! WARNING, do not select the Apply button in the lower right bottom of the window.

You must go directly to the Geometry tab.

5.      Select the Geometry tab and put in the relevant values.

6.      0’ for the length.

7.      2.48oz was used for this demo. These values would be obtained from a catalog.

8.      THREADED ROD would be used for the part name.

9.      No values were input in the A & B field, as a head is not needed for the rod.

10.      Go back and select the General tab; the source will be cleared.

11.      Select the flyout and choose Anchor.

12.      Hit the Apply button in the lower right of the window when done.


13.      Check the Geometry tab again for the values.

14.      Select the Apply button.

15.      You will see the values automatically generated.

16.      A & B fields = 0’ 0”.

17.      The Length = 0’ 0”.

18.      The Weight = 2.48 (values obtained from a catalog).

19.      The Part name = THREADED ROD.

20.      Go to the Home Category > Defaults > Load Settings in Advance.

Take note, if you have created I custom profile, you would be making the changes there.

For this demonstration, the default Advance Steel out-of-the-box Profile is used and is set at the Current profile.

Remember to go back in the model session and Update the Defaults made to the Management tools Database.

Advance Steel menu for management tools
step 4 – view the 5/8″ dia threaded rod properties

Results are seen below using the Switch bolt type from the object tab and also Studs on beam toolset from the Custom connections category of the Advance Steel Tool Palette.


The THREADED ROD is appended to the sheer stud definition type.

The diameter is 5/8 of an inch.

You can adjust the length by putting in a desired value in the length field.

Take note, you can use the Studs on beam toolset from the Custom connections category of the Advance Steel Tool Palette.

Double click on the studs to have access to the Stud properties.

Select the Definition panel > Type. Expand the flyout to view the newly created THREADED ROD.

Change the length as needed.


Click the following links for more information on Autodesk Advance Steel and GRAITEC PowerPack for Advance Steel.



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