Applied Software – OllemTech Partnership Announced

15 October 2020Manufacturing, Press Release


Applied Software – OllemTech Partnership Announced

October 2, 2020: Atlanta, Georgia – Applied Software today announced a formal partnership with Tommy Mello, engineer and founder of OllemTech, for simulation and analysis consulting and training. 

Mello will specialize in services for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and FEA (finite element analysis). This expansion of services will span the disciplines of architecture/engineering and the manufacturing industry. 

This partnership brings Applied Software clients a breadth of experience to enable greater innovation in their product development and building design processes. “Through predictive analysis and design optimization, Mello and Applied Software together will help clients optimize their designs, ultimately decreasing costs, reducing project risks, improving safety, and decreasing time to delivery,” said Richard Burroughs, President of Applied Software. 

Mello explained, “Typically my talk tracks include non-technical verbiage to help people understand what it is I help them with and how it impacts their business.” Mello’s areas of focus will include: training; engineering project delivery (CAD, CFD, FEA, programming); computing for engineering, prediction and automation; custom applications and programming; interior and exterior data centers, facilities, office spaces, and hospitals; CFD electronics and flow control.

About Applied Software

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