Autodesk Changes 2-Step Verification from SMS to Authenticator App

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Autodesk Changes 2-Step Verification from SMS to Authenticator App

The more we do online, the more it becomes a necessity to protect our account access from individuals that have nothing better to do than piggyback into our account(s) and wreak havoc on our lives.

Multi-factor authentication has fast become the standard for online security protection. There are several types of authentications, including push notifications, email links and SMS codes, which all require a reliable phone signal for them to be successful.

hand holding mobile phone and punching in a phone order, authenticator app

Authenticator apps provide better security and operate independently of your phone network, ensuring consistent accessibility. Authenticator apps use software tokens that are auto-generated one-time passcodes that expire within 30 seconds. The short timeframe creates an environment that is nearly impossible for hackers to access and use the credential before it expires.

Autodesk does not require users to set up the 2-step verification process, but they do recommend the adoption of a multi-factor authentication for your Autodesk Account. Beginning August 1, 2023, when users set up 2-step verification in their Autodesk Account, they will be using an authenticator app.

If you have 2-step verification turned on in your Autodesk Account, beginning August 1, 2023, you can switch that to an authenticator app. Autodesk will end support of SMS 2-step verification on November 1, 2023, and if you have not changed to the authenticator app by that date, you will be prompted to change to an authenticator app at that time. If you ignore the prompting, on February 1, 2024, the SMS 2-step verification will be turned off for your Autodesk Account.

Setting up 2-Step Verification:

1.     Download and install your choice of authenticator app.

2.     Log into your Autodesk Account –

3.     Change to the Profile Settings page.

Authenticator app, Autodesk account profile settings

4.     Click Set Up in the 2-step verification area.

Authenticator app, Autodesk account verification area

5.     To reconfirm your identity, enter your email and password and click Sign In.

6.     Using your authenticator app, scan the QR code displayed in your profile.

7.     Enter the code for Autodesk generated by the authenticator app > click Turn On.

Now, when you sign into your Autodesk Account, you will be prompted to put in the 6-digit code generated in your authenticator app to be logged in.

Authenticator app, enter code screen

The nice thing about adding the 2-step verification to your Autodesk Account is that you can use the same authenticator app that you use for your other accounts. This ensures an extra layer of security in your Autodesk Account without making your life more difficult.

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