Autodesk Construction Cloud Grows with New Integrations

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A May 2022 Autodesk Construction Blog article announced five new integration partners that have joined the open ecosystem of its Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. The newest additions include Agave, Airsquire, Frontir, Hiboo, and XYZ Reality. Autodesk Construction Cloud is continuously growing and moving construction technology forward by bringing together best-in-class tools and workflow automations. These integrated tools enable teams to share insights and optimize their use of data.

Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the Applied Software eBook, “The Importance of a Common Data Environment.”

The combination of integration partners helps Autodesk Construction Cloud users connect their tech stack. They can work from integrated platforms with data flowing freely between applications. Autodesk Construction Cloud has 269 integration partners to date.

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looking down on backdrop of earthwork on construction site, foreground white icons representing data connections
Connected construction data

To see a list of the current applications, visit the Autodesk Construction Cloud integration partner webpage.

Following are descriptions of the newest Autodesk Construction Cloud integrations:


Agave is a unified API (application programming interface) provider for construction. With Agave, users can securely share and sync data between BIM 360 and other software systems. Project and drawing data can be automatically shared with procurement, bid management, timekeeping, and drone imagery products safely. 


Airsquire is a 360° capture and visualization platform. Using an Airsquire Partner Card, the 360° virtual view of a construction site can be shared directly in Autodesk Build Insights or in BIM 360 Project Home. By embedding the information in dashboards, teams can manage virtual sites from a single location.


Frontir is an artificial intelligence tool. With it, users can build self-service analytics and dashboards and produce quantity take-offs. Architectural and structural BIM data can be imported from models in Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Build and BIM 360. 


Hiboo collects equipment data from 50+ sources on a construction jobsite. The Hiboo Partner Card enables teams to integrate the information into the dashboards of Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home. They can visualize things like idle time, production time, carbon-dioxide emissions, and distance traveled. Hiboo also provides automatic inventory updates.

XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality is a cloud-based engineering grade augmented reality platform that uses a proprietary “The Atom” AR headset and HoloSite. The XYZ website says users can view 3D models to within millimeter accuracy. Construction teams can use The Atom to create, visualize and manage issues and tasks; they can then be assigned instantly to project stakeholders in BIM 360. Users can share and link the most current details, pictures and videos to precise onsite locations.

Integrations help improve processes, automate workflows, and produce insights for better, more predictable outcomes. With Autodesk Construction Cloud and its integrations, users can unlock the value of integrated data and make it accessible across tools and teams to drive innovation and improve operations.




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