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After you purchase your software, the goal at Applied Software, Graitec Group is to guide you along your software journey from purchase to implementation so you can get back to productive work promptly. 

Please note:

With the Autodesk transition to named licenses, the following two blogs will help you through the process of changing your license types:

Changing Autodesk License Type – Network to Standalone or Standalone to Network

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Steps to easily transition to Autodesk Named User Accounts

If you are still on an Autodesk maintenance plan, be aware that Autodesk has retired multiuser licenses. If your company uses multiuser licenses, please refer to the following article to find out how the retirement affects you: Autodesk Retires Multi-User Subscriptions and Maintenance Plans

If your company needs information on working remotely, please view the post: Working remotely with Autodesk Software

Following are links to blog articles that will help with installation and management of serial numbers, licenses, software, upgrades, and new installs. 

1. Verify your system meets the Autodesk software requirements.

You can verify that your computer meets the Autodesk software specs and that you have a supported graphics card using these guidelines: Autodesk System Requirements & Graphics Cards

2. Downloading your software.

When it’s time for your download, this article will assist you:  Downloading Autodesk Software. . .The Easy Method.

If you don’t have access to your Autodesk account, you can use the Autodesk Assistant to download your software.  Read this for more details:   The Autodesk Assistant.

3. Installing your software.

For standalone software or usage of one of the cloud-based products, permissions must be assigned to the correct individuals for the software to be used. This process can be found at: Managing Autodesk Subscription Single-User Licenses.

For network software, the four-step process is described here:  How to install Autodesk Multi-User (Network) Licensed Software.

For installation and activation of an entitlement product (Recap 360, Infraworks, Autodesk Fusion, etc.) see this guide:  Activating Autodesk Entitlement Products.

4. Verify/update serial numbers.

To verify which serial number you used to install the software, update your software to a new serial number, or to switch from a standalone version to a network version (or vice versa), this article will assist you:  Current Serial Number, Update Serial Number, or Switch License Type.

5.  Making the move from perpetual licenses to subscription licenses.

If you have made the switch from perpetual licenses to subscription-based licenses, the following blog article will describe how to remain in compliance:   To Uninstall/Reinstall? That is the Question!

6.  Update to a new server or a new license file.

For current software subscriptions within the Autodesk three-versions-back umbrella,  this blog will assist with update transitions:  New Server, New License

To update to the newest software version and remain on the same server, you will obtain a new license file and update the Autodesk License Manager.  The process to update the old license manager to the newer one is described in:  Update the Autodesk License Manager Quickly and Easily!

7.  Cloud Service Notifications.

To be notified of maintenance schedules or immediate issues on one of the Autodesk cloud-based services software (A360, BIM 360, Autodesk Fusion, etc.), subscribe to notifications via the Autodesk Health Dashboard:  Autodesk Cloud Services … What’s the Status?

8.  Understanding Your Rights for Older Version Software.

If you haven’t upgraded to a newer version of software and would like to keep using your old version, perhaps forever, check out:  Prior Version Software. . .”But it’s mine! I paid for it!”

9.  Installing Software Updates.

Periodically Autodesk releases software updates (formerly service packs) to their software.  To find the Autodesk software updates that apply to you, follow this link:  Where do I find updates to my Autodesk Software?

10.  Complete Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of Software

Sometimes the only way to get your software to install may be to perform a “clean” installation. In that case, access this article for help:  Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of Autodesk Products.

11.  Applied Software, Graitec Group Tech Support.

If you have a support contract with Applied Software, and you still need support after exploring all these options, you can create a support case here:  Applied Software Support-Create a New Case.


To stay competitive and thrive in this dynamic market, your company may need an innovative operating model. Contact Graitec Group today to learn about the Digital Innovation Framework™. Your journey to modeling the future starts here.



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