Automated Workflow Saves Molex 90%+ of Time on Designs

26 April 2021All, AutoCAD, MEP, Services & Supportautomate, Design, workflows


Automated Workflow Saves Molex 90%+ of Time on Designs

Some companies spend a significant amount of time on manual processes while using AutoCAD MEP to develop lighting designs. If yours is one of them, you can benefit from customizing that workflow as Molex did.

Molex, a manufacturer of electronic solutions, designs “smart” PoE (power over Ethernet) lighting systems, network-based smart lighting which improves the control of light quality, lowers energy bills and substantially lengthens lamp life. A PoE lighting platform and its fixtures use Ethernet cables to power LED lights (luminaires) and transmit data between the luminaires and the control software. As the demand for energy efficient PoE systems increases in the marketplace, Molex began exploring ways to automate and more accurately synchronize construction documents with circuit-to-server connectivity data.

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Molex was using a manual workflow that included AutoCAD MEP. The manual transfer of data from the CAD drawings to the commissioning data sheets could be arduous, mentally taxing and susceptible to errors. These processes required the Molex design staff to spend an average of 120 hours per project to manually analyze, input and coordinate the construction documents with the commissioning data. Molex identified the need for an automated process that could:

  • sequence the PoE circuits;
  • populate the CAD drawings with data;
  • create the corresponding PoE schedule datasheets.

Molex reached out to Applied Software to customize the company’s AutoCAD MEP PoE content and programmatically automate the PoE design process. Helping Molex transition to a fully customized workflow reduced the manual effort required from 60-80 hours down to 4-8 hours – a savings of up to 90%.

With the support of Applied Software, Molex also established design standards and developed standardized content for future work.

In turn, Molex is distributing this standardized content to partnered consultants, making it much easier for architects and designers to specify the content in their design projects.

The customized AutoCAD MEP workflow developed by the Applied Software development team provided a new design toolset for Molex. This streamlined its design and documentation processes, providing Molex with the flexibility and efficiencies required to achieve its desired business goals.

Applied Software will partner with you for your company’s custom workflow needs. Contact Applied Software today and find out how the experts of Applied will help your team establish a workflow that saves you time and delights your customers.



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