Auxalia PlantExpressTools Off-Page Connector Manager

30 March 2022AutoCAD, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dplant, Plant 3D, Tips and Tricks



Business Outcome

Out of the box Plant 3D allows you to place off-page connectors on your P&IDs with ease. They are formatted to acquire the Service and the PID number automatically. However, placement, connection and connector numbers all must be manually inputted. This workflow requires a user to open each drawing, select each off-page connector, then make the connection to another drawing, insert connector number, and ensure that each connector has the correct matching properties.

If we assume that it takes 5 minutes to configure each off-page connector, and each drawing has 15 off-page connectors, then on your average project with 30 P&IDs, you would spend over 37 hours and over $5,600 (assuming $150/ hr. rate). This can be drastically decreased using Auxalia PlantExpressTools Off-Page Connector Manager.


The following technologies are utilized in the solution.

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  • Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Auxalia PlantExpressTools Off-Page Connector Manager



By installing the PlantExpressTools bundle, you will have access to the Off-Page Connector Manager and can then begin using the interface to connect and ensure your connectors have the proper data.


  • Connect Outgoing and Incoming without open a drawing.
  • Properties will be carried over automatically.
  • Check for any inconsistencies.

Final Output

Over $5,600 can be saved by using the Off-Page Connector Manager to make connection within Plant 3D.




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