Best Construction Podcasts to Follow in 2022

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Podcasting has steadily grown in popularity, with about half of adults in the US regularly listening to at least one. Among busy construction professionals, podcasts are often the ideal way to learn about what’s happening in the industry. Following are our top eight suggestions for keeping up with construction industry trends and insights so you can improve your projects, increase business output and enhance your professional life:

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Bridging the Gap – “A voice for construction.”

Voted top construction podcast, the engaging format has a logical flow with an upbeat vibe. Industry-leaders talk about the problem-solving mindset and offer discernment about tech that is reshaping construction. Topics explore advancements in technology, distinct perspectives, soft skills, and the conviction to transform business. Get advice from your peers about the latest industry trends and construction technology innovation. Learn practical insights and smile.

AEC Disruptors – “Your platform to push the AEC industry forward.”

Guests provide an indepth look at how and why we should address and harness change in the industry. Topics have included: evolution of technology, 3D printing, the Lego experience, making time, vertical farming, manufacturing in AEC, hemp, the Panama Canal, energy, disruption, culture, digital twins, half-baked ideas. Look at innovation from every angle.

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Construction Dorks – “We are MAD about innovation but focused on innovating!”

This pretty much sums it up for the group at Construction Dorks, who can fill an hour with fast, fun, relevant discussion about topics like BIM, the trades, fabrication, shared pains, Revit, journeys, technology, innovation, careers . . . and the upside of being a construction nerd. Have fun. Learn something.

Constructed Futures – “. . .everything from AI to scheduling and beyond.”

Conversations about the future of the built environment include outside experts and seasoned leaders in construction, architecture and more. Examples of topics: capital investment, spec and data standards, empowering homebuilders, schedule coordination, safety, managing competition, reality capture, profit margins. Practical, usable information for your business.

ConTech Crew – “Strap in, enjoy the ride and geek out.”

Sponsored by JBKnowledge, the podcast offers weekly audio and video interviews covering the latest construction news, influencers and construction technology. Hundreds of shows have included topics like: 3D printing, construction apps, laser scanning, robotics, tech breakthroughs, interactive data, tech stacks, how construction is changing.

The Construction Record – “We deliver the stories behind the construction stories which impact you.”

Canada’s top, award-winning podcast about the construction industry produced by the Daily Commercial News and the Journal of Commerce. Five- to twenty-minute episodes feature construction stories that impact construction professionals. Examples of topics: safety, oil and gas policies, infrastructure, climate, smart cities, economic outlook, 5G, remote equipment control. Practical insights into global concerns.  

Digital Builder – “The antidote for fear is knowledge.”

Sponsored by Autodesk, this meeting of the minds connects with industry leaders at the forefront of construction technology involving all parts of the jobsite. Guests give their insights into the future of construction. Examples of topics: 3D printing, contracting, data strategies and standards, AR/VR, digital twins, prefabrication, collaboration, sustainability, BIM adoption, AI and machine learning. Face the future with confidence.

Laying Foundations – “Join us on this journey as we take steps to impact the construction industry together!”

Conversations about choosing to start a career on solid ground and building it up just like a construction project. Guests provide insights into the endless paths for getting started in construction and flourishing. Topics include: relationships, conflict management, better teams, leadership, opportunities in the trades, humility, asking why, growth mindset, image, motivation and drive, long-term rewards. Get a job you love. Love the job you have.

Inside scoop! Check out Bridging the Gap host Todd Weyandt’s Top-10 picks from the 2021 episodes.



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