#Bestplant3dreseller with Biggest News In Plant 3d reporting…ever

14 August 2020Industrial and Plant, plant 3dcustom, P&ID, reports


#Bestplant3dreseller with Biggest News In Plant 3d reporting…ever

Ever wanted to know how far along your plant 3d project is? What about knowing whether people are working more on P&IDs or modeling? How much equipment needs to be completed. How can you get those answers without a: having people fill in more data, or b: asking those questions every.single.week.

This past week we’ve been able to adopt some new technology internally and apply it to Plant 3d data. So, for the first time, reports can be built against P&IDs, models, orthos, and isometrics all at the same time!

Equipment % Modeled
Line % Completion
Project Activity
Plant 3D Project Dashboard

We are still evaluating platforms and what we want to measure, but here’s the heads up that the mystery of where you plant project stands can be solved. Let us know if you are interested in customized reporting!



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