If you are looking for better document management, you might find the solution lurking in the cloud. In the following story, courtesy of Graitec’s Cristina Morella, about SAMPOL, a Spanish company in Palma de Mallorca, you may discover the key to your company’s document management needs.

Innovation, digitalization and a commitment to sustainability have been features of business for SAMPOL, which has adapted and anticipated technological advances and trends in applied engineering projects. SAMPOL is a family-owned multinational group dedicated to the development and execution of applied engineering projects in the energy sector, with a special focus on renewable energy, digitalization, telecommunications, hotels, and infrastructure.

document management in the cloud SAMPOL

Image courtesy of SAMPOL

With over 1,500 people in thirteen locations worldwide, SAMPOL has tackled challenging, large-scale and complex projects while achieving high levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Inclusive Digitalization

As a result of its international expansion in the 2000s, SAMPOL recognized the need to transform its processes to better manage project documentation and communication.

The company found it could take advantage of the benefits of the internet and specialized programs operating in the cloud. Using the cloud as a repository of information and documentation, it was possible to focus management on quality rather than routine, unproductive activities. Business growth could be accomplished by integrating the efforts of all the international teams and production plants under the same environment and stay connected in real time.

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To achieve this new approach, SAMPOL worked with Graitec Group, Spain to develop an implementation plan, which included specific workflows, processes and software tools. SAMPOL chose to focus on:

To evaluate the effectiveness of the plan, data would be collected throughout the implementation.

document management in the cloud, SAMPOL

Plant facilities; image courtesy of SAMPOL

Achieving Goals Using Software Tools

One of the SAMPOL goals was to establish a virtual work center in which all the disciplines involved in the development and management of projects could come together. Implementation of a CDE developed a core location where data can be exchanged, eliminating information silos. A fluid exchange of each specialty’s information (structural, electrical, mechanical, and others) is thus enabled. SAMPOL chose Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro to accomplish this CDE.

SAMPOL also wanted full control of technical documentation, including versions, revisions, users, permissions, remote accessibility, and management of 2D documents or 3D models. To avoid delays and errors, data needed to be accessible and editable by everyone according to permissions and security set in advance. The company chose Autodesk Docs to improve documentation management.

document management in the cloud, SAMPOL

Point cloud; image courtesy of SAMPOL

For insights into project details and better decision making, the company wanted its models to contain specifications of pipes, supports, product families, isometrics, and other details. Models are created using point cloud technology from existing installations, which are then integrated. This reduces the amount of time required for obtaining prior documentation and drives better decisions. To enable these insights and workflows, SAMPOL chose AutoCAD Plant 3D, Autodesk ReCap, and worked with Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, and GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit, all of which have helped the company improve performance and productivity.

Success in the Cloud

On a cogeneration, hybrid renewable power plant project in Puerto Rico, the data showed that SAMPOL’s implementation of the cloud workflow and BIM tools helped the team save 80% on paper printouts by exchanging and editing documents on mobile devices. Time typically spent managing data, assignments and permissions was reduced by 35%. With the CDE, federated models were created in which the different specialties were integrated, avoiding errors, rework and the loss of information.


The SAMPOL story has shown that, beyond the progress already made in its digital migration, the company continues to build on its performance and productivity through developing and managing digital projects in the cloud.

If you’re curious about better performance and productivity through document management in the cloud, contact Graitec Group today and talk to an industry expert about discovering the key to your company’s needs.



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