Big Data and Power BI Services

3 September 2020All, Data, Digital Transformation, IT ServicesBIM 360, data management, data strategy, PowerBi



written by Blake Douglas

Big data is a buzzword we have been hearing for years. And over those years, we have been creating that data, gathering it from various tools and storing it, because some day we might need it. What good is that? While it is great to have all that information, unless it is understood and used, it will sit in numerous datasets until someone decides they might need a piece of the whole picture. Then they will pull out isolated information, report on it and lose sight of how or why it relates to other data they have already collected.

Data has become a driving force in making decisions across all industries. Practical use of data, specifically in construction, means that the second we collect the data, we are working to understand what it tells us in real time. Knowing the correlation of different data collected with different tools by different people will allow business leaders to truly see the entire picture.

Applied Software Technology, Inc. has expertise in aggregating data from those various sources, building data models in Power BI, and helping users understand what they need in the visual dashboards and how to interact with them. Applied Software can automate processes, streamlining your connection to the data and ensuring you have the information you need to make accurate assessments of your organization.

Autodesk BIM 360 has a built-in tool, the Data Connector, to extract all the data across all projects for a company’s account. By seeing this data in Power Bi dashboards, users can understand what tools are being used, which aren’t, how their collective projects are performing, and how they can improve. Simultaneously they are able to dive into the nuances of each individual piece of data and what it means.

Assemble has created a direct integration to tie your cloud data to live Power BI dashboards. Getting updated information as soon as a change occurs allows users to make decisions in real time. Users can customize the dashboards to go beyond just the surface and see the underlying implications of changes on projects.

Applied Software has the ability to use BIM 360, Assemble and many more datasets, such as an ERP system, project scheduling tools, or CRM, to create dashboards that are truly meaningful to you and others in your organization. With a mobile application, you can access this information from anywhere at any time. Applied can also teach you how to create these dashboards on your own so you aren’t beholden to anyone to get to the data that you need when you need it.

If you’d like to learn more about Power BI services or other opportunities to improve your productivity,  contact Applied Software today and talk to a data management expert. Put that big data you’ve been collecting to work for you now.



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