Bluebeam Bites: 5 Takeaways from Bluebeam XCON 2019

25 September 2019All, Bluebeam



Bluebeam Extreme Conference (XCON) is an annual event for design and construction professionals transforming the way our world is built. This year’s XCON, August 27-28 in Washington, DC, brought together industry leaders, influencers and innovators to learn about the latest trends in digital construction and how Bluebeam solutions are driving those trends.

As I’ve reflected over the last few days, there are 5 major takeaways from Bluebeam XCON 2019:

  1. Revu 2019

With the release of Revu 2019, clients will see major increased efficiency. V19 will contain massively improved rendering speeds, streamlined enterprise configuration, enhanced takeoff tools, and overall better performance. Clients should be excited as we are roughly 45 days away from the launch, expected in the last week of October.

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  • Drawings

This is by far the most exciting release at XCON 2019. Bluebeam Drawings will allow field access to current documents. Quoting Bluebeam CEO Jon Elliott, “It’s 2019, you shouldn’t have to pay for your drawings.” This means that there is no direct cost to have Bluebeam freedom. The only requirements are that the customer have current maintenance and be on the latest version of Revu. There are sheet count limitations based on license count, but they are extremely liberal and should not affect anyone attempting to access Drawings. This is a web and mobile access solution from Bluebeam and will be a strong competitor to BIM360 Docs and PlanGrid. This solution will allow customers to optimize and distribute drawings to the field as well as consume/view drawings in the field.

  • Bluebeam is confident in the licensing model

There were many questions going into XCON surrounding the potential move to all things subscription-based. As Bluebeam continues to see construction software move towards subscription-based services, leadership seems confident in the perpetual model with the *option* for an Open License subscription. I wouldn’t expect Bluebeam to abandon their models any time soon.

  • End Users continue to build the platform

One thing that is true and which Bluebeam holds in high regard: the end users are the lifeblood of Revu. Ask any direct employee of Bluebeam, and they will tell you, “Our clients build and enhance our interface/functionality.” I spoke with a Channel Account Manager who told me that the Bluebeam development team is constantly reviewing customer requests and suggestions. They hold panels where power users come in to discuss future interface ideas and how to increase functionality. Bluebeam truly believes in building and supplying a product that is exactly what the customer wants and needs.

  • Bluebeam is not slowing down!

When we discuss industry leaders, Bluebeam must be mentioned when it comes to PDF viewing, redlines, drawings, and takeoffs. Frankly, no one does it better, but Bluebeam is not content. With the new product releases and a few other major releases that are in the hopper, Bluebeam continues to push forward. They want to change the way we look at construction. They want to change the way a jobsite is utilized and managed. Bluebeam is focused on supplying the best product possible in order to minimize risk and maximize productivity. If you’re a Bluebeam user, you should be extremely excited about the future of construction technology. If you’re not using Bluebeam currently, what are you waiting for?  

Request a quick discovery call today to learn how you can join over a million industry leaders, influencers and innovators who are using Bluebeam solutions in digital construction to transform the way our world is built.



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