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When you add up all of the meetings, phone calls and emails involved with a construction project, a lot of information gets shared during the life of that project. Fortunately, everyone can at least speak the same language by using the portable document format (PDF) universal file format. These days, PDFs can contain file attachments, bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, spaces, and images. Bluebeam products, which have been around for 18 years, are now utilized in 130 countries by about two million users and 99% of top U.S. contractors.

Revu is specifically designed for construction project collaboration. The newest version of Bluebeam Revu was introduced to the world in mid-August, 2020. The improvements in new Revu 20 are focused on two goals:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication for task efficiency

Studio is included in all three versions of Revu: Standard, CAD and eXtreme. Studio has been improved with better capabilities and flexibility for user and content management. In addition, markup and measurement features are improved, and filters help you better manage your project data.

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In the Applied Software webinar “Revu 20: New Release Features You Won’t Want to Miss,” Rick Kremer, an Applied Bluebeam instructor, described his favorite new features:

  1. Studio sessions
  2. Adding participants is easier and saves time, including developing invites using email addresses, groups, an address book, Excel files, and Outlook.
  3. You can identify who was invited but has not joined. This could be an indication that their invitation ended up in their spam email inbox.
  4. You can send a reminder of the invitation.
  • Improved markups list
  • The new filter list allows you to filter comments by user, including multiple users, while graying out other users’ comments.
  • There are Increased saved filters, and you can save your filter searches.
  • Excluding replies – A summary report output can now exclude replies. The export summaries can also be used to verify materials takeoffs.
  • There is more control of specific area fields. You can set custom areas, including the new “less than or equal to.”
  • You can now add a leader to almost anything, including text.
  • There is a new polylength measurement line style. You may also import and load different line styles.
  • A new autosize feature for text boxes also allows text wrapping.
  • Help is easier to use and more user friendly. You can find a tool or a command by using the search box, which will also autocomplete your query.

Toward the end of the webinar, Rick Kremer also reminded attendees of the punchlists feature. Not only can you now add items to the punchlist legend, you can also use an Excel spreadsheet by importing a punchkey. When you’re using PDFs to collaborate on your construction projects, whether your PDFs are complicated or simple, join the millions of Bluebeam Revu users worldwide to increase your capabilities and flexibility in the management of your project data.

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