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The Bluebeam Studio Projects virtual event series featured Brian Patty, with Vertical Arts (VA+). Known in some circles as a Studio Project guru, Brian has been using Bluebeam Studio for about six years and characterizes it as “the most advantageous environment for staying organized with other offices.”

Other virtual event sessions included: Introduction to Studio Projects, Settings & Document Management, and Maintain & Update a Sheet Set. You can also access the sessions on-demand.

In the final installment of the series, Rick Kremer, Applied Software Senior Specialist and Bluebeam instructor, joined Patty to provide some tips for moving from Revu 2019 to new Revu 20. “Something to keep in mind,” Kremer said, “is to unregister your 2019. If you install Revu 20 next to Revu 2019, they can run simultaneously, but they utilize two seats of software. And if you’ve only purchased one, you might get into trouble.” In addition, he recommended that anything customized within Revu (like toolsets, profiles and signatures) should be saved outside of Revu before uninstallation. Everything that is pending should be completed beforehand as well.

Brian Patty then led into his favorite Revu 20 updates. Patty said one of his favorite changes is “being able to cut and paste emails straight out of Outlook,” something he described as much easier now. “That alone is worth upgrading in my mind,” he said. Groups are more dynamic with more logical flexibility when inviting users to a Project. Separate permission sets allow you to grant up to full control (although he doesn’t recommend that). 

Patty reminded that using Sessions doesn’t require a full license of Revu to participate for viewing, while using Projects does in order to contribute to the files.

Patty said, “Inside of 20 you have ‘not-joined’ and ‘joined’ options for both Sessions and Projects.” It can be very handy if you have a lot of projects you’re involved with. “It’s a handy sorting tool.”

Another positive new feature Patty demonstrated was the “Help Find” tool, which assists with quickly locating functions you want to use.

Several improvements have been made to text box autosizing, callout flexibility and leaders. Patty mentioned these were “nice added features to something that was already working pretty well, but now work just a little bit better.” Filtering has really been improved to be very contextual, giving you power over the data. Kremer added that the filter is amazing–more intuitive and so much easier than in previous versions.

Patty demonstrated the capture tool, which can use any file or even pull from your camera, then embed it in an icon in the drawing.

Patty called Revu 20 a vastly improved release. He summarized by saying, “That ties up the biggest things I’ve seen in Revu 20 and its updates that really make a difference every day as I use this software.”

The educational question and answer session toward the end of the recording, including the creation of a custom tiger stamp, can be accessed at Revu 20 Updates.

If you have questions about Bluebeam Revu, contact the Bluebeam team. Learn about Bluebeam Revu system requirements, what Revu is used for, pricing and the FREE trial version offer in the Guide to Bluebeam.

Brian Patty works with VA Plus, an innovative BIM consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado. He has over fifteen years of experience working on projects around the world, bringing the vision of designers and clients to fruition.



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