Bluebeam User Groups: Crowdsourcing Solutions With Applied Software

23 July 2021All, Bluebeamusers



There’s no reinventing the wheel. The wheel exists. It was invented millenia ago by some industrious neolithic Mesopotamian whose family would be very rich right now if there were such a thing as patents around 5,000 BC. To the advantage of humanity, the wheel was duplicated and adapted by civilizations around the globe, advancing technology for transportation and labor in significant ways.

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Too many times, we try to “reinvent the wheel” when we encounter something new. A new software platform or a new piece of equipment prompts us to try to learn how to use it on our own, demanding us (we think) to find all the features, shortcuts and applications on our own. Thankfully, this is rarely the case: when you buy a new car, for example, you don’t have to learn how wheels work. You don’t even have to learn how cars work. You typically just have to learn how some accessories function.

Working with Applied Software, a Platinum reseller of Bluebeam, you can access a wealth of information through the Bluebeam-specific user groups available to Applied Software clients. Each user group, set up within specialties in the construction industry, allows you to tap into the experience with and knowledge of Bluebeam, so you can jumpstart your incorporation of Bluebeam into your project management.

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Check out the ultimate Guide to Bluebeam. Learn about the features of Revu, how people use Revu, Bluebeam system requirements, and the FREE 30-day trial offer.

Applied Software user groups for Bluebeam give you the opportunity to ask your peers about possible solutions for challenges facing your team, from developing custom icons to track your work to best practices for integrating Bluebeam into your team’s workflow. And because these user groups are made up of peers from within your field, you’re not wading through non-applicable suggestions by people in different aspects of the building and construction industry.

By participating in a user group, you’re gaining the ability to crowdsource answers from a pool of peers who have identified the best answers to challenges faced by people who have been in your situation and who have field tested their solutions.

Without jeopardizing any proprietary knowledge, you’ll enjoy the benefits of asking long-time users of Bluebeam and the Applied Software team questions on issues that may have posed a stumbling block for you. You’ll learn shortcuts you hadn’t thought of, and you’ll have a cohort of users familiar with how you use Bluebeam in your specialty to bounce ideas off.

Contact the Applied Software Bluebeam team to discuss joining an Applied Software user group today so you’re not wasting precious time and energy reinventing the wheel.



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