Boosting Architectural Creativity: A Story of Streamlined Workflows

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In the complex realm of modern architectural design, balancing creativity with efficiency is paramount. Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners (BBB), an esteemed firm renowned for its diverse portfolio spanning projects from historic preservation to contemporary civic, commercial, government, and hospitality projects, recognized this challenge and embarked on a journey to optimize workflows. Leveraging technology as a catalyst for innovation, BBB embraced Ideate Software tools to revolutionize the firm’s approach to design and time management.

589 Fulton, Brooklyn NY, Ideate Software architectural creativity

BBB project at The Brook, Brooklyn, NY; rendering by NQS Creative; courtesy Witkoff, Apollo Global Mgmt

Embracing Revit and Beyond

About ten years ago, BBB embarked on a digital transformation journey by adopting Autodesk Revit as the firm’s primary platform for building information modeling (BIM). Recognizing the need for dedicated support and training, a design and construction technology (DCT) group was also established and tasked with enhancing efficiency and fostering digital proficiency among the firm’s architects and designers. This strategic move was aimed at liberating creative minds from time intensive, mundane BIM tasks, allowing them to focus more on the essence of architectural expression.

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Ideate Software Power Automate, architectural creativity

Power Automate

Empowering Creativity Through Automation

Upon a staff member’s recommendation, BBB integrated Ideate Software into the team’s arsenal of design tools. The firm started with Ideate Sticky and gradually expanding to encompass the entire suite of Ideate products. The impact was profound, particularly with Ideate Automation. This powerful tool centralized and automated routine tasks that were previously performed by individual team members. By harnessing Ideate Automation, BBB streamlined its workflows, exporting critical data during downtimes – such as overnight or during breaks – in formats that were conducive to efficient collaboration and project coordination.

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Performance

Recognizing the versatility of Ideate Software, BBB delved into some targeted customization, tailoring tools to suit the firm’s unique needs and elevate their standards of excellence.


Beyer Blinder Belle, Ideate Software, architectural creativity

The following notable customizations emerged:

  • Structured PDF Exports: Responding to team requests, BBB structured PDF exports to align with specific drawing series (architectural, demolition, landscape). This enhanced clarity, organization and the usefulness of documentation.
  • Model Health Monitoring: A bespoke model health dashboard was developed. It provides real-time insights into model integrity and proactively identifies potential issues. This initiative empowered teams to maintain robust BIM standards and optimize model performance.
Ideate Software, Revit model health dashboard, architectural creativity

Ideate Software Revit Model Health Dashboard

  • Integration and Scaling: Ideate Automation seamlessly integrated into the larger BBB automation pipeline, including Microsoft Power Automate. The combination was leveraged to execute tasks on a scheduled basis. This scalable approach ensured continuity and efficiency across diverse projects and workflows.

Partnership and Commitment to Excellence

Throughout the digital journey of BBB, the firm benefited from a collaborative partnership with the Ideate Software support and development teams. Whether it was for troubleshooting existing workflows or envisioning new ones, Ideate Software demonstrated a steadfast commitment to understanding the unique challenges of BBB and delivering tailored solutions. This symbiotic relationship fueled innovation and continues to facilitate the evolution of Ideate Software tools to meet the real-world needs of architectural firms like BBB.


In the dynamic discipline of architectural design, efficiency and creativity are not mutually exclusive. They are complementary forces driving innovation and excellence. The Beyer Blinder Belle strategic integration of Ideate Software tools exemplifies this synergy. It has enabled team members to transcend administrative burdens and immerse themselves fully in the creative art of design. As architectural landscapes continue to evolve, firms like BBB stand poised at the forefront, empowered by technology to shape a future where creativity knows no bounds.

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