Bridging the Gap: 12 Best Podcast Episodes of 2023

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The Bridging the Gap podcast with host Todd Weyandt creates an open dialog where construction innovation can flourish. Todd’s guests bring unique perspectives, stories of successful technology transformation and insights into the problem-solving mindset shaping the industry as it moves forward.

The 2023 Bridging the Gap season is a wrap, featuring episodes that informed, entertained and challenged the industry.

In date order, following are the host’s top-dozen picks from last year’s Bridging the Gap episodes – a sampling of the most popular audio downloads and video views, plus a smattering of Todd’s favorites:

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1.     Episode 183: The Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make, with Gen. Karl Horst (March 8, 2023)  Leadership is about staying true to your values and communicating those effectively to your team. Leaders do not lead by demanding respect. Instead, they equip their team properly and inspire others to follow a vision for success.

2.     Episode 188: The Long-Term Vision of Modular, with Sara Curry (April 7, 2023)  Modular and prefab processes and technologies may not bring you profits immediately, but keep in mind your long-term vision. Don’t let the sticker shock of the initial investment deter you from realizing the potential for gains in the long run.

3.     Episode 196: Have Pride in Process Improvement, with Jared Christman (May 3, 2023)  Experts with industry experience are advising companies to standardize their processes first before trying to implement technology to address an issue. Process improvement is the most important first step to becoming better than you were.

4.     Episode 200: 200 Episodes of Innovation, with Todd Weyandt and Eric Daniel (May 24, 2023) Host Todd Weyandt and Editor/Producer Eric Daniel reflect on lessons learned, thought leaders and moments that stand out from the previous four years.

5.     Episode 210: Construction Will Become Manufacturing, with John Somers (July 26, 2023)  Developments in the construction industry have affected sustainability, safety and equipment quality. The podcast discussion revolves around the latest and greatest in industry advancements, the incentives that exist to drive tech adoption, ways to find the technology that best suits your company’s needs, and how to interpret brand new data.

6.     Episode 211: Grit Leads to Greatness, with Chris Eccleston and Jenny Schroen (August 9, 2023)  Hear about the children’s construction book series Grit Leads to Greatness. Discussion includes the initiatives we can all take to change perceptions of construction, as well as the large variety of job and growth opportunities in the industry.

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7.     Episode 213: Construction in the Age of AI, with Hugh Seaton (August 23, 2023)  Learn about the potential for artificial intelligence in construction, including ways AI serves as a research assistant to accelerate problem solving. Harnessing the power of AI involves using AI systems as dynamic partners, changing the way we interface with documents.

8.     Episode 217: Autonomy Is Your New Secret Weapon, with KP Reddy (September 20, 2023)  Consider the importance of being consistent as a predictor of success or failure in your technology implementation. Technology helps free up space for creativity and innovation in construction.

9.     Episode 221: Reaching Construction’s Next Generation, with Ryce Elliott (October 18, 2023)  The journey from construction field work can lead to construction company president. This episode explores what young people should consider, including tools and skills, when looking into a construction career.

10.     Episode 224: Soft Skills Take on New Importance, with Amy Powell (November 8, 2023)  “Soft skills” have a tangible effect in the construction industry, and there is an essential nature to emotional intelligence. A leadership mindset is key in a cross-generational workforce, as are the concepts of “microtraining” and “reactive training.”

11.     Episode 228: Align Your Strategies Early On, with Hannu Lindberg (November 29, 2023)  There exist complexities in the coordination of different construction disciplines. That can be eased through early integration in design processes, as well as using technology to enhance efficiency and collaboration for more integrated and efficient practices.

12.     Episode 229: AI Needs to Solve Practical Pain Points, with Brandon LaCourciere (December 4, 2023)  With the current influx of new tools in the construction industry, we must remember to solve practical problems. Since not all problems can be solved at once, we need to focus on improvements in everyday life. AI should be used to solve practical pain points before it is tasked with solving the larger looming problems the industry has.


The Bridging the Gap podcast provides a glimpse into the future of construction – sustainability, industrialized processes, and innovations that are promising to shape the industry’s digital transformation adventure. Bridging the Gap is providing a platform and giving a voice to those who are modeling the future.

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