System Requirements for Bluebeam Revu 21

15 January 2024All, BluebeamRick Kremer

following are minimum and recommended requirements when using Bluebeam Revu with office documents and construction project documents

Bluebeam: 10 Key Reasons It Outshines the Competition

21 August 2023Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionDiana Ramirez

With its far-reaching and transformative influence, it's no surprise that over two million users worldwide place their trust in the…

5 Ways to Leverage Technology for Success in Your Construction Business

24 July 2023AEC, Bluebeam, Construction, Digital TransformationDiana Ramirez

This article explores ways technology can transform your construction business, helping you navigate these and other challenges, while seizing new…

Harnessing the Power of Digitizing Quantity Takeoffs in Bluebeam

21 June 2023Bluebeam, Construction, Digital TransformationDiana Ramirez

Traditional manual methods of quantifying materials and estimating costs have given way to modern digital tools that streamline the process…

Going Digital: A New Era of Efficiency for Local Governance

11 April 2023Bluebeam, GovernmentDiana Ramirez

By adopting digital solutions, government agencies can streamline their review processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Important Bluebeam Announcement

4 April 2023All, Bluebeam, IT Services, Services & SupportDiana Ramirez

Bluebeam has announced the updated End of Life (EOL) date for Bluebeam Revu 2019 and older versions will now be…

Digital Security in Construction – What Construction Leaders Should Know

14 March 2023Bluebeam, Construction, Data, Non classé, SecurityDiana Ramirez

The construction industry has come a long way in adopting technology. Now it must recognize the associated risks to data…

Top 5 Features To Know About Bluebeam

13 December 2022Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, UncategorizedDiana Ramirez

For those looking to maximize their time with Bluebeam, here are five features to know to make workflows simpler and…

What You Need to Know About Bluebeam’s New SaaS Model

13 October 2022Bluebeam, Digital Transformation, Services & Support, UncategorizedDiana Ramirez

How the September 2022 Bluebeam announcement about moving to a cloud-centric Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model affects you.

NEWS: Bluebeam Cloud and Subscription Plans

7 October 2022Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, Construction, Digital TransformationDiana Ramirez

Bluebeam Cloud and Bluebeam Desktop Revu are being bundled and offered together as subscription plans for the first time.

Construction Industry’s New Tech Best Friend – Collaboration Software

1 June 2022Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, Construction, UncategorizedDiana Ramirez

With digital collaboration software like Bluebeam Revu, trust and results don’t have to suffer when you invest in construction technology.

Bluebeam User Groups: Crowdsourcing Solutions With Applied Software

23 July 2021All, BluebeamTiffany

Each user group, set up within specialties in the construction industry, allows you to tap into the experience with and…

How to Maximize Your Bluebeam Investment

14 July 2021All, BluebeamTiffany

engaging with Applied Software today brings advantages of a Bluebeam Platinum reseller to the table for you

Why You Should Audit Your Bluebeam Assets

7 July 2021All, BluebeamTiffany

A company could have paid licenses that are sitting unutilized because they didn’t organize them under a single serial number.

Maximizing Your Bluebeam Investment with Applied Software

29 June 2021All, BluebeamTiffany

Whether you bought your Bluebeam licenses through Applied Software, through Bluebeam directly, or through another reseller, engaging with Applied Software…

Tips and Features for Bluebeam Revu Markups

17 June 2021All, BluebeamCD

tips and features of Revu that make it easier to provide the right information to the right people

What Would You Choose? . . . The Applications Game

30 March 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Minutes before The Applications Game show aired, this reporter took each contestant aside to ask them a bit about themselves.

5 Bluebeam Trends to Prevent Disaster on Your Jobs

8 March 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

there are trends shaping up that can help you reduce exposure and avert major problems on your projects.

Your Guide to Comparing Bluebeam Versions

1 March 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

When you’re trying to choose which one to implement – Revu Standard, Revu CAD or Revu eXtreme – it helps…

4 Ways to Attract More Business with Bluebeam

23 February 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

it’s important to seek out the tool(s) that can help you focus on improving your processes.

6 Steps for Managing Mistakes on Your Projects

16 February 2021All, Bluebeam, Collaboration, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Poor communication, inefficient coordination among teams and poor access to project information are major causes of rework costs in the…

Bluebeam Revu 20.1

10 February 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Bluebeam has announced Revu version 20.1, the first notable update since the release of version 20 in August, 2020.

How You Can Profit from Paperless Bids

19 January 2021All, Bluebeam, Digital TransformationCarol Dunn

The bid process, especially, is a place where going paperless isn’t quite so daunting.

How to Improve Your Document Reviews & Markups

11 January 2021All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

If your company is still working primarily with paper documents for shop drawings, you’re not alone.

How Jobsite Safety Looks Since COVID

16 November 2020All, BluebeamCD

off-site construction, prefabrication and remote working arrangements are already on the uptick as viable solutions to worker distancing requirements

A Greener Building . . . Literally

9 November 2020All, Bluebeam, SustainabilityCD

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits are available to companies who use vertical gardens for five different categories

How Bluebeam Revu Minimizes Risk

3 November 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Revu can reduce the amount of time Dan’s staff spends manually checking every printed page.

Bluebeam Revu – Time Savings through Digital Collaboration

19 October 2020All, Bluebeam, Digital TransformationCD

The savings add up as more and more builders and teams use Revu to collaborate digitally.

Bluebeam Studio Projects: Maintain & Update a Sheet Set

14 October 2020All, BluebeamCD

Changes have continued to be made to Bluebeam Studio that allow for different views, permissions and organization.

Bluebeam Studio Projects: Settings & Document Management

12 October 2020All, BluebeamCD

Sessions is better suited to internal collaboration, while Projects is best for external teams

Engaging with Bluebeam to Streamline Workflows

28 September 2020All, BluebeamCD

More and more “enthusiastic customers [of Bluebeam] like Giraldo and Tissier are taking it upon themselves to promote Revu

Quality & Accountability: Impacting Tomorrow’s Project Managers

21 September 2020All, Bluebeam, Construction, Project ManagementCD

it’s more and more common for owners to look to somebody other than the architect to provide that sort of…

Bluebeam Revu 20

11 September 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

These days, PDFs can contain file attachments, bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, spaces, and images.

Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Bids

4 September 2020All, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

In an ideal scenario, you’ll take the time to customize the bid for the soliciting firm and take the opportunity…

Coordinating Virtual Jobsite Work with Bluebeam

24 August 2020All, BluebeamCD

Collaborating from home is something that many in the AEC industry have been very recently exposed to, and it’s quite…

4 Benefits of Tilt-up That Are Making Construction Easier

19 August 2020All, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

The tilt-up process has been in use for about a century, mostly for boxy-looking warehouses and office buildings.

Revu Reduces Overhead on Florida Projects

3 August 2020All, BluebeamCD

the adoption of Revu was able to assist the Jacksonville, Florida-based fabrication and erection firm in targeting that goal

Bluebeam Helps Minimize Risk at Piccadilly Circus

28 July 2020All, BluebeamCD

In order for this project on the arcade at Piccadilly Circus to succeed, collaboration needed to occur on all levels…

Collaboration on the Garden in the Sky

21 July 2020All, Bluebeam, CollaborationCD

Because of its implementation of Bluebeam Revu, Ballymore reported it was able to both decrease snagging time by 20% and…

Daytona Gets a Facelift with Bluebeam Revu

15 July 2020All, BluebeamCD

In order to establish information transparency and achieve a paperless workflow, McFadden suggested implementing Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Boosts Company’s Efficiency by 60%

7 July 2020All, BluebeamCD

Hilson Moran was able to utilize Bluebeam Revu and Studio Prime in order to drive not just 50% but a…

How One Company Grew Revenues by 23% with Revu

30 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

Aksa needed to achieve full precision and accuracy within its projects, and it was able to do so with Bluebeam…

Using Bluebeam for Sketching

23 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

a few steps to utilize Revu in a way that usually isn’t capitalized on: sketching

Digitized Plan Review with Revu

16 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

Bluebeam Revu, which is designed to “view large format drawings and redline them with easy-to-use, customizable markups,” became the choice…

360 Sync setup with Bluebeam Studio Projects

10 June 2020All, BluebeamMichael Reuter

If you’re looking to set up 360 Sync with Bluebeam Studio Projects, it’s fairly straightforward.  

Going Paperless with Revu

9 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

After the company switched to Bluebeam Revu, however, it was able to digitize thousands of documents that had previously been…

Standardize Digital Documentation with Revu

2 June 2020All, BluebeamCD

Choate now has a “new, company-wide standard for digital document organization and delivery using key Revu features

Can Composite Bridge Technology Help with the Infrastructure Crunch?

26 May 2020All, Bluebeam, InfrastructureCD

modular bridges are built using fiber-reinforced polymers that are resilient, fatigue-resistant, and will not corrode like steel. As a result,…

Sweden’s Construction Standards

19 May 2020All, Bluebeam, ConstructionCD

Skanska and its competitors decided to “take the competitive bit aside” for the sake of standardization

How a Civil Constructor Saved $50,000 on One Project

5 May 2020All, Bluebeam, ConstructionCD

With the help of Bluebeam Revu, Solid Earth Civil Constructors has been able to more than triple its bid submission…

Work From Home With Bluebeam Revu

28 April 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Thanks to the tools that are offered through Bluebeam Revu, it’s a bit easier to undertake the task of working…

The New Face of Plant Prefabrication

21 April 2020All, Bluebeam, Industrial and Plant, plant 3dCarol Dunn

Overall, prefabricated and modular homes are becoming less expensive, greener and easier to build.

Comparison of Bluebeam Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme

14 April 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Bluebeam Revu 2019 has three different versions that are designed to meet users’ specific needs.

The Revu of Two Cities

30 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Some municipalities have decided to go digital in an effort to maximize efficiency across all departments involved in permit reviews.

Is This The World’s Greatest Industry?

26 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

there are many other types of jobs in the industry. Many of these are highly technology focused and require digital…

The UK’s Efforts to Set BIM Standards

17 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

The top six contractors in the U.K. are working together to define the U.K. PDF guidelines for BIM professionals.

What Sets Revu eXtreme Apart

10 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

With the help of Revu eXtreme, power users are able to accomplish more complex projects more efficiently.

360 Sync With Bluebeam Studio

9 March 2020All, BluebeamMichael Reuter

Applied Software development has announced the release of the newest version of 360 Sync, which now integrates with Bluebeam Studio…

Transform the Way you Build

3 March 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

one of the major challenges for the industry: the generation gap

Bluebeam for iPad

27 February 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

As technology has advanced and software adoption has increased, more and more people have moved their drawings to their computers,…

System Requirements for Bluebeam Revu 2019

18 February 2020All, BluebeamMark Petrucci

following are minimum and recommended requirements when using Bluebeam Revu with office documents and construction project documents

How a Bluebeam User Group Can Benefit You

13 February 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

User groups are a great place to learn how other professionals are leveraging technology in order to boost efficiency and…

When Construction Looks Like Manufacturing

3 February 2020All, Bluebeam, Construction, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

there are many benefits to prefabrication, “[It] can reduce site congestion, increase quality, schedule certainty, and cost certainty

Prefab-itats For Humanity

26 January 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Prefab housing is gaining in popularity worldwide because it brings units to market faster, requires less labor and materials and…

The Best Kept Secret in Revu

19 January 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Bluebeam Revu can be used to increase efficiency and accuracy during quantity takeoffs.

Imagine No Design Defects

13 January 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

With Bluebeam Revu, the QA/QC process is simplified and digitized. 

4 Uses for Dashboards in Construction

6 January 2020All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Digital dashboards are PDF-based document management tools that can be used across the entire construction project – from client presentations…

The Joy of Digital Handover

30 December 2019All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

There are a couple of methods for project closeout that general contractors have access to these days. One is “the…

Bluebeam Bites: What Bluebeam Can Do For You

16 October 2019All, BluebeamCD

Learn how Bluebeam has helped customers become more efficient and boost accuracy so they can stay a step ahead of…

Bluebeam Bites: 5 Takeaways from Bluebeam XCON 2019

25 September 2019All, BluebeamTiffany

Bluebeam Extreme Conference (XCON) is an annual event for design and construction professionals transforming the way our world is built.…

Bluebeam Bites: Quantity Links

18 September 2019All, BluebeamCD

Want to use Bluebeam for quantity takeoffs and get more out of it than just the markup list? Quantity link…

Bluebeam Bites: Create a Stamp

13 September 2019All, BluebeamChristopher Riddell

It doesn’t matter if you are an Architect, a Contractor, or an Engineer there will always be a time where…

Bluebeam Bites: Create a Fillable Form

4 September 2019All, BluebeamChristopher Riddell

If you have not utilized the power of Revu eXtreme to create instantaneous, fillable forms than you need to watch…

Bluebeam Bites: Compare Documents

9 August 2019All, BluebeamChristopher Riddell

If you’ve been in the industry for 10+ years you probably remember using a light table to compare different drawings.…

The Age of Collaboration

24 July 2019All, BluebeamMichael Reuter

Over the past few months the Applied Software development team has been working hard to improve and expand the capabilities…

The Skeptics Guide to Bluebeam

4 April 2019All, BluebeamCarol Dunn

Maybe the Bluebeam product line is new to you. Maybe you’re skeptical that it’s anything special, like Russ, who told…

9 Signs You Need Help With PDF Manipulation

4 February 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

It’s always deadlines, isn’t it? Seems like the worst possible things that can happen with project drawings will happen just…

Get Your Nights and Weekends Back with Revu eXtreme

28 January 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

It’s 7 pm. It’s already been a long day. But your drawings need to have hyperlinks added before they are…

What’s Up With Bluebeam Vu?

10 January 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

As a standalone product, Bluebeam Vu has been discontinued and replaced by this 5-step trial version process, which includes View…

5 Trends You May Have Missed That Involve Bluebeam 

17 December 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Remember 40 years ago when they told us computers would make our lives easier? We would have so much leisure time that we…

8 Tips for Better Use of Bluebeam

12 November 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, Construction, Services & SupportCarol Dunn

No, it’s not just a pdf editor. Know what your software can do, and use it to the fullest extent.…

Bluebeam Revu 2018 – Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancements

3 July 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Bluebeam, ConstructionCarol Dunn

Use the default Bluebeam keyboard shortcuts, or edit and create your own with these step-by-step instructions.

Quality Control with BIM 360 Field Part 1

8 July 2016All, Architecture and Engineering, BIM 360, Bluebeam, ConstructionMichael Reuter

Before coming to Applied Software, I worked for Walsh Construction, and I was tasked with implementing BIM 360 Field midway…

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