3 Ways to Get Better Control of Your Steel Production

1 June 2023Advance Workshop, Construction, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a manufacturing execution system designed especially for steel fabricators and steel service centers

6 Ways Prodsmart Can Help Optimize Manufacturing Production

3 May 2023Data, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Prodsmart offers manufacturers and fabricators, from small- to large-scale, the ability to manage every aspect of their production floor at…

Tech Tip: AutoCAD Electrical Project Batch Plotting

22 March 2023AutoCAD, autodesk, Electrical, Fabrication, MEP, Services & SupportTodd Schmoock

There are two options for plotting a project in AutoCAD Electrical; they are located in the Publish/Plot tool in the…

How Plant 3D Streamlines Piping Design

23 February 2023Architecture and Engineering, AutoCAD, autodesk, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, Industrial and Plant, MEP, plant 3dCarol Dunn

Plant 3D features help you manage your workload, make the best use of workers’ time and streamline much of your…

File Types Used in AutoCAD Electrical

16 February 2023AutoCAD, autodesk, Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, MEPTodd Schmoock

File types in AutoCAD Electrical toolset, with design features that can boost your productivity by up to 95%.

4 Ways MEP Prefabrication Improves a Project’s Success

14 February 2023Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, RevitCarol Dunn

with MEP prefabrication, virtual 3D BIM models help maximize construction processes and coordination to improve a project's success

4 Things You Need for a More Efficient Prefab Shop

11 January 2023Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, PlumbingCarol Dunn

Improving the operation of your prefab shop is easier with communication and staying informed on competitive procedures, technology and tools

MEP’s Role in the Move Toward Industrialized Construction

7 December 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, PlumbingCarol Dunn

MEP trades play a key role in the industry’s Industrialized Construction journey; they have the data needed for standardizing components.

How Modular Can Make Urban Construction More Sustainable

8 November 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, Manufacturing, SustainabilityCarol Dunn

By using materials more efficiently and reducing waste, modular construction can make urban housing more attainable and more sustainable.

Two Big Challenges MEP Contractors Face

2 November 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

Every company will eventually face these challenges, if they haven’t already: data overload and adopting construction technology

3 Ways to Avoid Waste in Your MEP Fabrication

31 October 2022Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

increasing efficiency is easier when you use tools designed to improve consistency: 3 ways to avoid waste in your MEP…

3 Roles of BIM in Prefabrication

26 September 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, BIM 360, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, Mechanical, MEP, NavisworksCarol Dunn

The 3 roles of BIM in prefabrication include better collaboration, time and money savings, and safety and comfort.

5 Benefits of a Digital Factory

21 September 2022Digital Transformation, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

While any progress in going digital helps, five noteworthy benefits arise from having access to the connected data of a…

Why BIM is Better than 2D for Concrete Design

24 August 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Connected Construction, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, RevitCarol Dunn

Companies are discovering that issues around finances, accuracy, speed, and information management can be addressed by using BIM processes.

9 Steps to Creating Fabrication Content

12 August 2022Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, HVAC, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, RevitCarol Dunn

9 steps to creating content for Fabrication ESTmep, CADmep and CAMduct to estimate, detail & fabricate better MEP parts, components,…

5 Trends in Industrialized Construction

15 July 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, Revit, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

With industrialized construction, companies benefit from scalability, enhanced productivity, higher quality, reduced labor costs, fewer delays.

The Status of Modular Construction Standards

21 June 2022Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

For years modular companies have expressed concern about regional rules and benchmarks versus national codes for modular construction.

Productization – A Vision for Industrialized Construction

23 February 2022Architecture and Engineering, autodesk, Construction, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

The uncertainty that plagues the construction industry can be addressed by bringing manufacturing to the forefront of designing a building.

Combining Autodesk Fusion and Bikes

18 January 2022All, autodesk, Digital Transformation, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Autodesk Fusion is used to design, engineer and manufacture products; designers can make changes and iterations of a product in…

Industrialized Construction Road Map Being Developed – part 1

6 December 2021All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCarol Dunn

A comprehensive “IC Road Map” will outline successful transition of a builder’s business model to fully integrate industrialized construction.

Do We Have the Skills to Build $1-trillion in Infrastructure?

16 September 2021All, Construction, Fabrication, Industrial and Plant, ManufacturingClay Smith

The collective attitude in the industry is that the workforce as it stands today is not capable of producing that…

MEP Force 2021 Keynote Recap: Clay Smith

1 September 2021All, Construction, Electrical, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

Despite shortages of people and materials, Clay Smith, COO of eVolve MEP, had some good news for MEP contractors.

MEP Force 2021 Kicks Off with McCarthy’s Insights

30 August 2021All, Construction, Digital Transformation, Electrical, Fabrication, MEPCarol Dunn

MEP firms need to decide what digital transformation will look like and how it will affect their business.

Fabrication: Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

25 May 2020All, Construction, FabricationCarol Dunn

the industry’s standard “over budget, lack of profitability” way of doing business is amplified by a reactive design process, which…

Top Tips for Moving Your Fabrication Database to the Cloud

8 April 2020All, autodesk, FabricationCarol Dunn

By creating a simple workflow using FABsync and Dropbox, you will have a tried and true method that is utilized…

FAB and MEP Users: What’s New for You in Revit 2020

8 July 2019All, FabricationCarol Dunn

It’s no secret in this industry that juggling specialty trades on a project can keep you up at night. Fortunately,…

Autodesk Fabrication: Reduce Workload with Specifications/Pressure Classes – Part 2

28 June 2019All, autodesk, FabricationPatrick Hendricks

There are many benefits in using Autodesk Fabrication software when you take the time to set up your specifications (pressure…

Embracing Digital Fabrication

29 May 2019All, FabricationCarol Dunn

A recent article in AECMagazine pointed up a transformation in the AEC industry that’s taking place so quickly that it…

6 Horrible Mistakes in Prefabrication

23 April 2019All, Construction, FabricationCarol Dunn

The pre-construction phase of any project is critical: understanding the job flow, determining materials, bringing subs up to speed. So…

5G Era Gets Launched

16 April 2019All, Construction, FabricationClay Smith

With the launch of the 5G era, Clay Smith discusses its impact on the construction industry and how eVolve MEP…

Renumber with eVolve MEP 1.4

11 April 2019All, Construction, FabricationCaitlin Dunn

The eVolve MEP renumber tool has recently been updated. Check out the latest features of eVolve MEP 1.4.

Why We Love Panzura

18 March 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Panzura, Services & SupportCarol Dunn

Panzura gives you seamless cross-site collaboration through it's multi-cloud file services. Click here to learn more and request a free…

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Collaboration

6 February 2019All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Collaboration empowers teams, individuals, clients and partners to share, communicate and cooperate with minimal delays and challenges, allowing all stakeholders…

Fabrication Straights in Revit QA/QC

3 October 2018All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Use Revit Schedules with Conditional Formatting to check your model prior to exporting the .maj to Fabrication CAMduct.

The State of CAD & Pipe Fabrication

20 September 2018Fabrication, ManufacturingDavid Wolfe

Nationally the United States is seeing shortages in trade skills and an immediate need to automate to keep up with…

Import Unsupported CID Patterns into Revit using IFC

3 August 2018All, Fabrication, RevitCarol Dunn

Often times, people who are working in CADmep are finding out late that their deliverable needs to be in Revit.…

Revit 2019 – Piping Tips

23 July 2018All, Fabrication, RevitGabe Hernandez

In Revit MEP, Piping systems have come along way. One topic I am asked about most in training or via…

What Is Forge and Why Is It Important for AEC?

8 May 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, ManufacturingCarol Dunn

Forge application programming interface helps Revit users extract model-based data in real-time for viewing BIM models & using augmented reality.

Out with Old Revit, In with Revit 2019!

30 April 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Services & SupportCarol Dunn

Top features that Autodesk pulled out from Revit 2019: Suites Workflows such as switch to 3Ds Max, Collaboration for Revit…

AutoCAD Tip: Convert MTEXT to Multileader

26 April 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, ManufacturingJason Porter

Recently I have had several calls asking if it was possible to convert regular MTEXT to a multileader.  Well, AutoCAD…

What is the Building Material of the Future?

9 March 2018Architecture and Engineering, Construction, FabricationCarol Dunn

Last December Autodesk's Matt Alderton published an article in the RedShift newsletter describing Carbon Fiber as the choice material of…

The Single Source of Truth for Construction Data

9 February 2018All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, FabricationCarol Dunn

Infographic showing the way Autodesk BIM 360 can serve as the common construction data platform for collaboration, security and version…

Revit 2018.2 Update: A Few Goodies for All Disciplines

18 December 2017All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, FabricationCarol Dunn

Revit 2018.2 has some great goodies in its latest update! Some of the newest features include Improved Section box controls,…

Navis 2018 NOT Loading Object Enabler

15 September 2017All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Problem – When loading .dwg into Navisworks 2018, Fabrication elements are not displayed. Cause – Path in the Registry is…

Revit Housekeeping pad – (Part 3 of 3)

8 August 2017All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, FabricationGabe Hernandez

In Part 3 of creating a Housekeeping pad, I will show you how to create an In-Place family for a…

Creating Design Line Symbols In Opus

14 July 2017All, FabricationGarrett Tice

This video will display how to create symbols for use in design line, within OPUS. Using CADmep when placing a…

Managing Multiple Sheet Sizes with CAMduct

22 May 2017All, FabricationGarrett Tice

I often see different companies with multiple locations utilizing one database. However, at those multiple locations they have different hardware…

Isolate Fabrication Services in Revit Using Dynamo

19 May 2017All, FabricationCarol Dunn

In CADmep we used the command SL1 to isolate a service. Revit does not have a good isolation command so…

Building Navis Coordination Files from .nwc vs .dwg

11 April 2017All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Building Navis models from .nwc vs .dwg can come with some nuances. In this video, I will walk through how…

Revit Inline Families – Design to Fabrication

27 February 2017All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Simplify the conversion for inline Revit equipment to Fabrication content by utilizing the Fabrication Design Line Node concept and applying…

Revit Parameters 2.0 – Reporting and Global Parameters

20 February 2017All, FabricationGabe Hernandez

In 2016 Autodesk released updates to Parameters in Revit. I created this video with basic examples of how you can…

Multiple CTEXT Reports on 1 Item

26 January 2017All, FabricationGarrett Tice

This Video will display how to place multiple CTEXT reports onto one piece within a model.

Item Folders Layout

24 January 2017All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Copy your customer Folders layout into all other folders in your database.

Group By Option- Fabrication 2017

20 October 2016All, FabricationGarrett Tice

This video will display the new Group by Option within Fabrication 2017, allowing you arrange the items within a job…

CADmep Placing Level and Size Tags

7 October 2016All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Learn how to place Level/Size Tags on Connector 1 or Connector 2 using Fabrication CADmep.

Create Family clearances that will can be controlled in Navis and Revit

29 September 2016All, FabricationAdam Heon

In some projects you are asked to show clearances for equipment. So you may think fine I will draw a…

Fabrication CADmep Positioner

28 September 2016All, FabricationCarol Dunn

The Positioner in Autodesk’s Fabrication CADmep is a pretty handy little tool. Check out this video and I will show…

Fixed Design Line Nodes

28 September 2016All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Adding fall to a Design Line is a fairly simple task but here is a trick to make sure your…

Metal Cut Files Vs Liner Cut Files

28 September 2016All, FabricationGarrett Tice

I am often asked the best way to distinguish which cut files are for liner tables vs which are for…

Weekly Reports from CAM

22 August 2016All, FabricationGarrett Tice

I’ve been asked a few times here recently if there is a way to get a weekly report for everything…

Troubleshooting Object Enabler Issues

19 August 2016All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Unable to see CADmep Items in Navis? Downloaded the Object Enabler and no parts? CADmep is loaded and still, nothing?…

Converting Revit Equipment to ITM files

28 July 2016All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Watch this video to learn how to download, export and convert Revit Families to ITM files. This process can be…

End Draw Types and Connector Breakpoints

19 July 2016All, FabricationGarrett Tice

Ever get fed up with connector breakpoints and what each line actually controls? Check out the diagram below with an…

Revit for Fabrication: Annotation (part 1)

19 July 2016All, FabricationGabe Hernandez

This will be a 2 part post on the newest Annotation features in Revit 2017 for Fabrication. They have provided…

Linear Nesting of Pipe

4 November 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Linear nesting can reduce your material waste and lower your labor cost associated with prefabrication but the report can be…

Fabrication 2015 Object Enabler Not Working?

19 September 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Object Enabler issues can be very annoying and in some cases, time consuming. Most likely you have downloaded the Object…

Default Length in Autodesk Fabrication

3 September 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Below is an list sorted by priority of how the Autodesk Fabrication products get standard lengths and O.D.’s. When creating content, knowing how…

Autodesk Fabrication 2014 Service Pack 3

21 August 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Autodesk Fabrication Service Pack 3 is out. This article has links to the downloads.

Smoother 3D Converted Items

18 August 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

You may have noticed that during the Convert 3D process in CADmep that your perfectly round solids get turned into…

Creating Vault Folder Templates using DataWork

29 April 2014All, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, IT Services, ManufacturingDave Morse

If you've never used Autodesk's Exchange App, then you truly are missing something.  It has never been easier to extend…

Revit MEP Electrical Device Annotations – Right Side Up

8 April 2014All, FabricationMatt Dillon

A common source of frustration for MEP users of Revit are the electrical devices, light switches, etc. with embedded labels.…

Advantages To Creating Unique User Login

3 January 2014All, FabricationCarol Dunn

The out of the box Fabrication Software is not setup with Usernames and Permissions. If you are sharing a database…

Downloading Autodesk Fabrication Content v2

27 December 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Last week I created a post on downloading Autodesk Fabrication content from the and since then an update to…

Offset rules because…offsets rule!

27 November 2013All, FabricationGarrett Tice

By using offset rules, you can dictate how offsets are handled and what fittings are used based off of the…

Specification Driven Hanger Rod Diameters

21 November 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

I had reports with incorrect hanger rod diameters for years using CADmep. It drove me nuts to print a report and…

Costing Features in CADmep 2014

8 November 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

With the 2013 release of Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, some costing features were removed from the program but there are still…

Alternate Connectors and Seams in CAMduct

4 November 2013All, FabricationGarrett Tice

Tired of having to lock connectors and seams onto your items? By utilizing alternate connectors and seams within your pressure…

Unable to Select Configuration On Startup

17 October 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

When launching Fabrication CADmep®, you are not presented with a list of configurations to choose from, what do you do?…

CADmep Annotation Leaders

3 October 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

One of the most common support issues I run across in CADmep®, is not being able to see Leaders. Within…

Missing NWCOUT?!

19 September 2013All, FabricationGarrett Tice

At a recent client visit, the topic of exporting to the .NWC format came up. It appears you can not…

Exporting CADmep to ESTmep or CAMduct

3 September 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

CADmep has the ability to export CADmep items as an ESJ/MAJ file to be used with ESTmep or CAMduct. Follow…

AutoCAD Workspaces

23 August 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

AutoCAD workspaces can be a great way to organize your drawing environment based on the task you're currently working. Here…

ESTmep and CAMduct Keyboard Shortcuts

15 August 2013All, FabricationCarol Dunn

Ever wonder if there are keyboard shortcuts within ESTmep and CAMduct that could replace the pick and clicks? You’re in…


11 August 2013All, FabricationGarrett Tice

You can stop the renumber process within spooling from automatically tagging a particular service type.

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