2 Examples of Harnessing the Power of Digital Twins: Transportation & Energy

28 December 2023Construction, Digital Transformation, InfrastructureCarol Dunn

The expansion of digital twin technology is offering impressive improvements to the transportation and energy sectors, with a plethora of…

Can Composite Bridge Technology Help with the Infrastructure Crunch?

26 May 2020All, Bluebeam, InfrastructureCaitlin Dunn

modular bridges are built using fiber-reinforced polymers that are resilient, fatigue-resistant, and will not corrode like steel. As a result,…

Infrastructure Projects Proceed in PA, FL, MN, VA, MD

15 April 2020All, InfrastructureCarol Dunn

Construction workers provide an invaluable economic service, maintaining and improving the nation’s infrastructure

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: What the Experts Say

4 February 2020All, Construction, InfrastructureCarol Dunn

Because most of the US infrastructure is nearing the end of (or already beyond) its useful lifespan, it’s time for…

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