Combining Fusion 360 and Bikes

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Combining Fusion 360 and Bikes

Autodesk Fusion 360 is used to design, engineer and manufacture products. In a set of videos, Autodesk has highlighted three companies that are using Fusion 360 for design, engineering and manufacture of products for two-wheeled vehicles.

MJK Performance manufactures precision CNC-machined motorcycle parts. Orange County Choppers used Fusion 360 to design and fabricate an all-electric motorcycle. Fabric is using Fusion 360 to shorten the time for bringing award-winning cycling products to market.

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MJK Performance produces high-end, race-focused components for performance “baggers” – larger motorcycles (road bikes) with saddlebags designed for long-distance cruising.

bird's eye view of fourteen lane divided highway with two levels of flyovers and three entrance/exit ramps


MJK specializes in bolt-on motorcycle components for touring bikes. The business started when the owner couldn’t afford to have a custom, handmade motorcycle and decided to build his own. In the process, he discovered that a computer numerical control (CNC) machine was required to create certain parts. Not knowing how to program, he chose Fusion 360 software to facilitate the work and found it “ridiculously easy to use.” A business emerged as word got around that he could create custom motorcycle parts. As that business grew, it required larger and larger facilities. The success of MJK gives credence to the idea that, with today’s technology – software and machines – you can achieve what you set your mind to.

Orange County Choppers (OCC) has catered to people who have a dream of the motorcycle they want.

With the customer’s drawing in hand, OCC uses Fusion 360 to bring the dream to life. Through collaboration, using the “live review” function, necessary changes are discussed and made. Links to the design in progress can be sent to the customer, who can view them without needing to install any software. Fusion 360 makes it possible to work without even sitting at a desk. In a customer story video by Autodesk, OCC designers confirm that Fusion 360 is not difficult to learn, and they can do what they need to do with the software in a short amount of time. Once a part is ready for manufacture, usable code can be put on a thumb drive, plugged into the CNC machine, and they can start making parts.

Fabric set out to bring innovation to cycling products.

On the Fabric website, the company says it obsessively searches for new technology and innovation to produce simple, well-designed products that fit the body perfectly and enhance user experience.

Using Fusion 360, designers can make changes and iterations of a product in minutes by using an amorphic shape that can be stretched, compressed and otherwise adjusted onscreen – no old-fashioned redrawing required. The design can then be sent to a 3D printer. Users say, using Fusion 360, they can go above and beyond what they could achieve using other software.

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