Comparing Vault Basic, Workgroup and Professional

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There are three configurations of Autodesk Vault: Basic, Workgroup and Professional.

Vault Basic is included with the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection only; it is not available for purchase separately. It organizes data creation and documentation and provides design file management.

Vault Workgroup provides data management for project teams. It helps automate design tasks, enforce company standards and manage design revisions.

Vault Professional provides advanced enterprise product data management and delivers valuable insights. It also enables teams in multiple locations to collaborate.

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The three configurations of Vault are similar in a number of ways. Basic, Workgroup and Professional will all:

  • Integrate with Inventor CAD, Civil 3D, and Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Provide support for Inventor AnyCAD
  • Enable fast data searches
  • Provide control over the digital prototype from design through production
  • Allow data to be reused – no need to start from scratch
  • Enable concurrent team-based design
  • Provide a secure, central location for project data, with features to track revisions, history and interactions
  • Enable quick deployment
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Vault Workgroup and Professional also:

  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook to move emails and attachments from Outlook to Vault storage
  • Provide the option to add Vault Office*, so non-CAD users can contribute to design data
  • Provide visual data management for Inventor
  • Automate tasks, deliverable creation, publishing and managing PDFs
  • Enable revision control
  • Feature projects, reporting and project lifecycles
  • Equip companies for flexible data security

Only Vault Professional provides:

  • Software integration with Autodesk Revit, Fusion Team, BIM 360, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Fusion Lifecycle PLM (product lifecycle management)
  • Multisite scalability and control of data access
  • Custom objects
  • Bill of Materials management
  • Automated engineering change orders
  • Geometric search

With product data management using Vault, your company can achieve superior design results from better response times, fewer product errors and a reduction in lost documentation.

*About Vault Office

Vault Office is a separate product, which provides basic vaulting capabilities for non-CAD users. It enables single document check-in and check-out by way of the Vault web client and the add-in. All office data can be managed, including Word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Vault Office enables the user to organize files and keep them in one location for easy access. All file versions are retained, along with file properties and any dependencies, ensuring past versions are protected from being lost. Thus, a living history of the project is preserved, allowing quick searches and retrieval.

Manage your design files, automate data creation and organize documentation with Vault Basic, part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. Automate design tasks of your teams, enforce standards and manage revisions with Vault Workgroup. Connect dispersed teams with multisite enterprise collaboration and gain valuable insights using Vault Professional.

Not an Autodesk Vault user yet? Contact the experts at Applied Software to get started today.



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