Construction Industry’s New Tech Best Friend – Collaboration Software

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Notoriously known as a change-resistant sector, the construction industry has gone from laggards to innovators when it comes to the implementation of new technologies.

Adoption of digital collaboration tools is now considered to be a foundational technology, according to a report on construction technology by JLL. It’s been the implementation of such technologies that has given the construction sector great successes in the midst of the enormous impacts brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While larger contractors were likely to have had some form of digital collaboration tool in place prior to the pandemic, smaller and mid-size firms were less likely, leaving them to overcome obstacles and growing pains. But with firms prioritizing adoption and investment in tools, collaborative tools are now paving the way.

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A collaborative industry standard

At the core of the building blocks of construction tech, digital collaboration and BIM/CAD rank top of the list for the highest impact on technology adoption within the construction industry in the coming years.

Lucrative technology, such as 3D printing, robotics and virtual reality are now considered as “secondary impact technologies,” with a forecast of small impact over the next few years due to their maturity levels.

Collaborative platforms are becoming, if not already, a core tool to enable all other technologies to connect – an industry standard.

What does this mean for you and your firm?

Firms that adopt these technologies equipped with smart tools efficiently lead in streamlining projects across teams, whether onsite or offsite.

If your firm is not using a collaboration tool, it’s time to implement innovation and stay ahead of the game. Often more problems occur than are solved, but with digital collaboration software like Bluebeam Revu, trust and results don’t have to suffer. Investing in the right software is one of the first steps to building seamless collaboration in your firm today. At Applied Software, there is a team of dedicated specialists to help you choose the right tool for your firm’s specific needs. Contact us today and talk with a Bluebeam expert.

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