Creating Valve Takeoffs and Lists with Plant 3D Boost

26 April 2021Industrial and Plant, plant 3dplant, Plant 3D Boost, Tips and Tricks


Creating Valve Takeoffs and Lists with Plant 3D Boost

Plant 3D Boost has been updated to include new reports. For existing subscribers to Plant 3D Boost, the new reports are located in Project FilesCADPlant 3DReport Templates and are called P&ID Valve List and P&ID Valve Takeoff. The reports have been developed against Plant 3D 2021.

The reports solve a couple issues. First, you can get a list of tagged valve and a takeoff. Both reports include the line number for the valves, and can take advantage of the spec description when using Spec Driven P&IDs. We created and tested the reports using the Demo 1 project in Plant 3d Boost, so you can use that to test the report output before implementing it on your own project.

Check out the video below to learn more about how to setup and use the reports.



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