Creating Vault Folder Templates using DataWork

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If you’ve never used Autodesk’s Exchange App, then you truly are missing something.  It has never been easier to extend the capability of your design or data management software.  With the Autodesk Exchange App store, you can browse different stores, based on the product(s) you use, and then install applications to enhance your productivity.

I recently stumbled upon an App that I think can be beneficial to all users of the Vault.  The App is called Dataworks Folder Templates.  The bottom-line of this little productivity booster is that it helps you automate the creation of folder structures in Vault, when creating new projects.  Users can pre-define a folder structure, or even several different ones, eliminating the time-consuming process of manual folder creation.  It also helps the user to establish and enforce a standardized folder structure.  Below, is a brief demonstration on how to use this nifty tool.

First, let’s take a look at the installation.  Click on the Icon to launch the Autodesk Exchange App Website.

Currently, the Dataworks app is located on the Most Downloaded list, on the right side of the Vault page.

Choose your download settings and then download and install the app.

You can use the Autodesk Exchange App Manager to manage your installed apps.

In Vault, select Tools > Dataworks Folder Templates 2014.  The Tools pull-down menu also houses the Exchange App Manager and Exchange Apps icons.

In the Dataworks dialog box, select the New Template icon under the Templates Header.

The program will create a new Template, which can be renamed to your specification.  On the right side, under the Structure heading, you select the Scope of the template you created.  In other words, do you want the template to be only available for you, or for all your users.  The app creates two folders by default. The top folder is listed as , and cannot be deleted.  Your new template structure begins beneath this folder.

The image below depicts the layout of the Dataworks Vault Folder Templates dialog box.

  1. Templates list
  2. Scope box – Select System Template (for all users) or User Template (to restrict use to yourself)
  3. The folder structure of the currently selected template.
  4. Prefix and Suffix definition – gives you the ability to be able to add a prefix or suffix, or both to the current template.  This selection needs to be done at the time the template is inserted into the Vault and is not saved with the template.  Whichever folder you have selected in Vault is seen and the in Dataworks, and when you select insert, will create the folder structure underneath that folder.

I think this app is very useful, and can help you to create and enforce a standardized folder structure for your projects in the Vault.  Happy Vaulting!

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