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Our modern society has put a lot of emphasis on intuition and feelings for knowing when something is correct or incorrect. In fact, these emotions have been given quite a bit of attention – and resulted in a surprising level of influence – in the age of social media.

According to Harvard Business School Online, studies indicate “more than half of Americans rely on their “gut” in order to decide what to believe, even when they are confronted with evidence that speaks to the contrary.”

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Though gut feelings might be helpful when deciding what to have for dinner, they can form an abysmal basis on which to run a business. In his book “Don’t Trust Your Gut: Using Data to Get What You Really Want in Life,” Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explains that the right data can teach us about who we are and what will make our lives better. In the end, as he points out, the numbers don’t lie.

It’s factual information that helps company leadership quantify, verify and understand the business in order to make sound decisions. The more relevant data you have, the better decisions you can make.

A great deal has already been published and discussed in this decade about data-driven decision making. In fact, it has joined the ranks of the latest buzz terms with its own acronym – DDDM.

GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application addresses the pressing need for data integration, bridging the data gap for construction professionals. Sign up for the Applied Software, GRAITEC Group webinar, “Integrate Your Financial Data Across Construction Project Management Software & ERP,” to learn more.

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Throughout the centuries in the AEC industry, data has always been created. What has changed is our ability, with the help of emerging technology, to collect that data, categorize it, analyze it, and use it as a basis for decisions. Since those decisions not only affect the future of an individual business but the industry as a whole, it’s paramount that those decisions be based on facts.

If we have the technology, why aren’t more companies using it?

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Making decisions is a daily necessity for every company. From operations planning and workforce development to supply chain decisions and deciding which jobs to bid, the odds of success increase dramatically when those decisions are based on factual information.

Collecting data is its own challenge and a whole other topic. However, once it’s collected, connecting that data among business systems is a critical element in making sure the decision makers have the information they need when they need it.

For many companies, this has been a stumbling block, and they can’t find the love for handling data that they’d hoped for. Sure, they want to utilize their data for the highest and best use, but they’re not sure the company can afford the time or resources to accomplish it properly. Time is money, and synchronizing construction data among project management, accounting/ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems has the intimidating potential to require an awful lot of time for entering data multiple times manually without errors.

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Analyzing collected data to gain insights or answer questions has the capacity to significantly improve a company’s efficiency and productivity. It can also help shape the success of future work.

What countless companies can really benefit from is the ability to share data among construction systems in a single cloud platform that doesn’t require coding or additional time and resources. The ability to harness and harmonize data from diverse sources is critical in today’s high-pressure construction environment. Project managers, finance teams and stakeholders need real-time access to information to make informed decisions, enhance productivity and optimize project outcomes.

A tool like GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application addresses this pressing need for data integration, bridging the data gap for construction companies. Data Connect can put the love in your data integration workflows.

With seamless data sync and exchange across multiple platforms, devices and applications, GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application makes consistent and up-to-date data accessible as it’s needed. Contact GRAITEC Group to learn more. 




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