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During Autodesk University in November 2023, Autodesk announced the release of its Autodesk AI technology. Autodesk has called its new artificial intelligence tech “the assistant that lowers the learning curve for designers and engineers.”

The Autodesk AI tools are native in the new Autodesk Design and Make platform and also available for use with other Autodesk products. The AI suite of tools, including enhancements to existing tools, is powered by machine learning. Multiple features help eliminate non-productive work and produce more innovative and precise results.

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Five notable tools are:

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1 – Machine Learning Deluge Tool in InfoDrainage 

Using AI, ML Deluge produces predictability models for nearly instant flood maps across a building site, enabling civil engineers to choose the best placement of swales and retention ponds. Autodesk illustrates that ML Deluge enables more efficient tracking of stormwater controls and runoff and helps create enhanced ground models for rainfall. Meanwhile, auto-generated flood maps can be used to design more disaster-resistant, resilient and sustainable drainage plans.

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2 – Autodesk Fusion

With Fusion, manufacturing industry users can rapidly explore multiple product designs using process-aware generative design to automatically generate options. The options can be previewed for optimal performance, method and cost. User adjustable CAM templates and automated interactive drawings are also possible.

3 – Autodesk Forma

This new AI predictive group of tools offers real time noise, wind and operational energy analyses. The tools support early stage energy-efficient design for architects, urban planners and designers for quick creation of interactive models. By demonstrating the ways buildings will be affected by their surroundings, designs can be analyzed for energy use comparing a variety of design options. Designs can then be adjusted to optimize energy efficiency.

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4 – Construction IQ

Autodesk explains that construction quality, safety, cost, schedule, and risk can be managed better using Construction IQ. It uses AI to enable teams to predict, prevent and manage construction risks.

5 – AutoCAD Markup Assist

AI can now be leveraged in AutoCAD in the form of Markup Assist, so drafters can develop faster iterations of project drawings. In addition to reading digital markups, AI can identify and read handwritten notes. Autodesk describes that it can also automate edits, interpret intent and produce context-aware recommendations for changes.


AI on the Autodesk Design and Make platform provides new ways for users in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing to increase productivity. The Autodesk AI tools help bolster creativity when exploring solutions to problems, in addition to enabling decisions that are reinforced by project data.

Autodesk has assured that development is ongoing, and Autodesk AI will continue to show up throughout its existing products and its industry clouds. The company describes its ultimate goal as enabling “better ways of designing and making” things. That will include making it easier to be creative and solve problems, automate repetitive tasks, cut down on errors, free up worker time, and derive insights through the analysis of complex project data.

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