Editing Setup Files in Plant 3D Collaboration

19 March 2019All, Industrial and Plant, Manufacturing, plant 3d



For most Plant 3d configuration even with collaboration, you can use project setup to make your changes. However, for certain activities like modify the projsymbolstyle.dwg or editing isoconfig.xml’s, you might need to make changes that are not available in the project setup dialog. The basic workflow is as follows:

  • Open your project from collaboration to get it on your local machine
  • Navigate to the project folder in Windows explorer
  • Modify the files as necessary
  • Open project setup and check out your project settings.
  • Click Ok to confirm and upload your changes

Let’s walk through the workflow by modifying the isoconfig.xml to remove the NS from our size label on our isometrics.

In any plant drawing, right click on the file tab at the top to use the Open File Location option.

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2019 03 19 12 32 22
Open File Location

Next browse to your project folder > Isometrics > iso style folder and edit the isoconfig.xml.

2019 03 19 12 32 44
Edit Isoconfig.xml

Scroll down the xml nodes to Themes > Theme (Default) > Annotations > AnnotationSchemes > PropertyChangeScheme (Size). Find format and remove the ” NS” value after {0}. Save your changes.

2019 03 19 12 34 16
Edit Size Property Change Scheme

Back in Plant 3D, right-click on the Project Name and select project setup.

2019 03 19 12 36 44
Open Project Setup

When prompted, choose Check Out Now. You’ll experience a delay while the project setting read/write privileges are assigned to you (in the cloud).

2019 03 19 12 36 58
Check out now
2019 03 19 12 37 05
Refreshing Project Data

Once the project setup dialog opens, click OK. The changes you made should be uploaded to the cloud. The most important step is that you do not have the project setup dialog opened until after you have made your changes.

2019 03 19 12 38 11
Confirm Changes




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