Fabrication 2015 Object Enabler Not Working?

19 September 2014All, Fabricationautodesk fabrication



Object Enabler issues can be very annoying and in some cases, time consuming. Most likely you have downloaded the Object Enabler off the Autodesk website to find you are unable to see any items in AutoCAD or Navisworks. Follow these easy steps to resolve Object Enabler Issues. These steps apply to Fabrication 2013-2015 Object Enabler. 

  • When viewing a DWG with Fabrication CADmep items and Fabrication CADmep is not installed, you must download the Object Enabler.
  • Once the Object Enabler has been installed, the .dbx file is placed in C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Fabrication 2015/CADmep/DBX
  1. cadmep20x64.dbx (64 bit)
  2. cadmep20.dbx (32 bit)
  • The correct .dbx file is placed automatically when installing Fabrication CADmep.
  • Typically, once the Object Enabler is installed, no extra steps are needed to view Fabrication CADmep items. But if you have installed the Object Enabler and still do not see Fabrication CADmep items, you must manually load the .dbx file.

o   Important: DO NOT LOAD THE .DBX FILE IF FABRICATION CADMEP IS LOADED. This will cause a fatal error. Shut down Autocad to close out of Fabrication CADmep.
o   When opening a file with Fabrication CADmep items, CADmep will try to load automatically. Select Cancel to keep CADmep from opening. You may need to press Cancel several times before it closes.

Manually Loading the .dbx:

  • With the DWG opened in AutoCAD, type APPLOAD in the command line. The Load/Unload Application dialog appears. Browse to C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Fabrication 2015/CADmep/DBX and select the correct cadmepXX.dbx file. Select the Load button and verify that you see the message, cadmepXX.dbx successfully loaded. Click Close to close the Load/Unload Application dialog.
  • Verify that you can see the Fabrication CADmep items and save the DWG.
  • After closing AutoCAD, the .dbx file is automatically unloaded, allowing you to run Fabrication CADmep.


  • If you only have Navisworks, you still need to download the Object Enabler.
  • In some cases, the DWG will need to be saved with the Object Enabler loaded before opening in Navisworks. Ask the detailer to follow the steps above to properly save the DWG with the Object Enabler.
  • Changing the DWG/DXF loader version is sometimes required to view Fabrication CADmep items.
  1. Select Options within the Application button.
  2. Expand File Readers and select DWG/DXF. Select the drop down menu for DWG Loader Version and choose the correct file version that the DWG was created in. Click Ok to. If the DWG is already opened, you may need to restart Navisworks for the change to take effect.
  • Navisworks can add Fabrication CADmep definitions to the quick properties for easy viewing when hoving the mouse over items.
  1. Select Options within the Application Button.
  2. Expand Interface and expand Quick Options. Click on Definitions and use the Add Element button to create a new definition. Click on the Category drop down menu and select CADmep+. Once CADmep+ is selected, you will see the available Property options that are available. For this example I have create three definitions to show Elevation, Status and Description. Click Ok.

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