Graitec Engages with AU Participants about Technological Evolution

4 January 2024autodesk, Construction, Graitecautodesk university, BIM, construction industry, design build, innovation



Written in cooperation with Andrei Mandache.

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During Autodesk University 2023 in November, Daniel Gheorghe, Graitec Romania, and Stevens Chemise, Graitec France, engaged with attendees about innovative perspectives and creative construction solutions, highlighting the ongoing commitment by Graitec Group to provide advanced solutions that work together with and enhance Autodesk technologies.

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Autodesk University presentation Graitec

The Gheorghe and Chemise presentation, which included partners from Leviatan Design in Romania, was chosen by Autodesk for inclusion in the list of AU classes from about 2,000 proposals and was entitled, “How BIM, New Tech, 3D Rebar, and Mixed Reality Enhance Design and Build Projects.”

To view a video of the AU presentation, follow this link.   

The AU presentation was also highlighted on the DC News and DC Business Live broadcast, shown on television and online platforms. During that broadcast, Leviatan representatives Robert Podaru, CEO, and Maria Vasi, BIM Implementation Manager, joined Gheorghe to discuss the importance of cutting-edge technologies in the construction industry.

These presentations underscore the ongoing commitment by Graitec Group to provide advanced solutions that work in concert with Autodesk technologies to help construction and manufacturing professionals achieve their digital transformation goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about saving time and money using innovative GRAITEC tools – including the new cloud data integration tool Data Connectcontact Graitec Group today and talk to an industry expert.




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