Habitat for Humanity-Graitec Partnership Creates Jobs, Constructs Housing

16 November 2023BIM, Construction, SustainabilityAEC, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, sustainable design



For nearly 50 years, Habitat for Humanity International has been dedicated to the cause of housing and the search for ways to ensure safe and affordable housing for all people without distinction.

habitat for humanity BIM

At Graitec, diversity, sustainability and philanthropic ambitions are translated into the real world through concrete actions. Graitec ensures that corporate responsibility is more than just words. That is why Graitec launched a three-year partnership in 2023 with Habitat for Humanity.

The donation of Graitec software to Habitat for Humanity empowers the organization’s architects to undergo training and attain a comprehensive proficiency in building techniques, including building information modeling (BIM).

The following 5-minute video describes the renovation and expansion of a social and educational center in Slovakia enabled by the Graitec partnership with Habitat for Humanity:

Graitec & Habitat for Humanity: Partnership Impact in Slovakia.

As summarized in the video, when there is need for housing, the demand does not have to be fulfilled by the construction of new buildings and apartments. Instead, existing buildings can be renovated to serve this purpose.

Graitec software helps construction teams leverage the power of BIM, providing incalculable help in the construction industry. Graitec software facilitates architecture and design work, and makes the fieldwork by construction managers and foremen on the construction site much easier.

Automation . . . systems integration . . . BIM . . . your company may need an innovative operating model to stay competitive and thrive in this dynamic market. Contact Graitec Group today to learn about the Digital Innovation Framework™.

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