How a Civil 3D Template Will Improve Your Bottom Line

17 March 2021All, Autodesk Software, Civil 3DAutoCAD Civil 3D, Civil Engineering



You may have heard about the importance of a well-developed Civil 3D drawing template. In fact, you may be struggling to deliver projects on time and within budget because you don’t have the in-house resources to develop your company’s base Civil 3D template. Even with a certain level of training and software proficiency, many companies share this challenge.

The Civil 3D template stores the majority of a company’s graphic and drafting standards. With pre-configured content, it helps you manage the delivery of an infrastructure project, as well as streamlining and expediting drawing management and standardization. The consequences of not having a Civil 3D template include inconsistent deliverables, staff frustration and hours of productivity lost due to constant rework.

Conversely, a well-developed template will automate many time-consuming processes and ensure standard, uniform design work. The result is a more consistent and predictable deliverable and less staff time spent on frustrating workflows – a tangible improvement to your bottom line.

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If your organization is interested in putting one or more drawing templates to use in your operations, partner with Applied Software today. Streamline your operations now, so you can be prepared for more work when opportunity comes to call.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of using a civil template, but you’re not ready to develop your own, it makes sense to partner with an experienced outside expert like Applied Software to guide you through the process.

During a short discovery call and follow up email correspondence, Applied Software experts gather the information necessary to develop your custom template standards, including your requirements, existing standards, examples of deliverables, and specific content.

overhead view of freeway cloverleaf interchange

Since the Civil 3D template is used to start every Civil 3D drawing, it may contain default settings, as well as standard title blocks, symbols, object and label styles. While development of a template is a progression, certain content is predictable and necessary, so your custom template will include:

  • at least one standard company title block;
  • customization of twenty object styles;
  • customization of twenty label styles, including up to five expressions;
  • customization of five table styles;
  • adjustment of default settings to account for the new styles.

Your template will be based on the default version that ships with Civil 3D and will be in the current version or, if requested, a previous version up to three years prior. In order to verify that the content being developed aligns with your needs and specifications, an initial progress review meeting will be held when the template is about half finished, with a second review when the template reaches about 90 percent completion.

Your custom template will include a spreadsheet documenting the content that has been provided, which can serve as a living document to capture and record the evolution of your company’s template and implementation.

When your template is ready for implementation, an orientation session will be held for your staff. An additional training session will instruct staff responsible for ongoing template management and modifications as your company’s Civil 3D implementation matures and evolves.

Through your partnership with Applied Software, you can ensure industry standards are met on your projects, while capitalizing on the fresh perspective and experience of industry-trained experts.

Applied Software will partner with you for your company’s template needs. Contact Applied Software today and find out how the experts of Applied will help your team establish a workflow that runs like a well-oiled machine.




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